PERSONALITY: Cancerians usually have a full, round and very expressive face. They have a broad jawline and sumptuous lips. They are also characterized by fuller hips. They walk with a relaxed gentle gait. They may have a frail constitution.  They are very protective towards those whom they love and would do anything for them. They are attached to history, heritage, and family and are very loyal to them. They never ask for anything from anyone.

MENTALITY: Cancerians rely more on their sentiments and feelings than on logic or reasoning. They are the most sensitive people who can quickly pick up the emotions around them.  They are one of the most complex people; it’s very difficult to know what’s going on in their mind. Often they have mood swings. Sometimes, people may find their behavior contradictory and unpredictable. Competition can be a very motivating factor for them.

LOVE LIFE: Cancerians are very loving persons. They are in love with the very concept of love. They can be the most romantic individuals. When they are in love, they are totally in love. They are generally eager to turn their love affairs into marriage. Sadly their idealistic ideas of love clashes with the harsh realities of life. They suffer from heart breaks many times.

FAMILY & CHILDREN: Marriage may be delayed. They marry more for security than for love. They can be very possessive as a spouse. Their spouse is most likely a practical, even-tempered and down-to-earth person. They are very much concerned and over-protective of their children. Their home is heaven for them; they try to make it as comfortable and beautiful as possible.

CAREER: Security and self-sufficiency are very important to Cancerians. They would be happiest working from home. They tend to veer towards careers involving innovation, competition and invention. They are also suited to parenting roles as in teaching, childcare, counseling, etc. other suitable career options are freelancing, writing, hotel management, wedding planner, travel and tourism, etc.


•  Colors: White, Pale rose

•  Metals: Silver

•  Gems: Pearl, Red Coral *

•  Age of commence of Luck:  24

•  Best Remedy: Drink milk from a silver tumbler.

• Mantra: | ॐ ऎं क्लीं श्रीं |     –     | Om Aing Kleeng Shreeng |

( * Please refer to the Astrologer before buying the gems.)