Aries Ram

Focus:      Career & Profession:

The New Year will bring renewed energy and optimism for the Aries sign. The first trimester will be fruitful. Issues related to the government will be resolved.  Mid of the year will be a little difficult and trying.

This year would be very promising for your career and profession. You will come across multiple opportunities to grow and develop professionally as well as individually. Changes are indicated in your career after mid-February. The jobless shall gain employment. Rewards, recognition, increments and promotions are in the offing. Transfers are also likely. You may have to work overtime due to work pressure.

Financial conditions will improve despite the fluctuations. Keep a check on your habit of overspending. Business will bring in more profits. Expenses will increase too. Some business losses are indicated between September and November.

Relationships will improve in the second half of the year. Those in love may decide to get married. Those desirous of a child shall be able to conceive successfully. Pregnant women should be careful while travelling. Disagreements and arguments may mar the domestic front during the last quarter of the year.

Take due care of your health; especially in the first quarter. Digestion issues and seasonal problems may trouble you. Avoid taking stress.

Some of you will travel abroad due to a promotion, work transfer, etc. Students may be confused regarding the choice of subjects. This year is favourable for those opting for higher education. The period from April to September will be favourable for those appearing for competitive exams.


  • Offer water to Sun every morning.

  • Be cautious while driving and when on the road.


Keep anger at bay else you may have to suffer some harm or loss.

Please note:  

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