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Focus:  A monumental year for embracing the unknown!



2023 brings new opportunities for Capricorn – from new beginnings in health & love to new openings for career growth. You may have to make many important decisions this year.


Around mid-2023, you will find yourself in a powerful position at work. You can expect the support of friends and family in all your endeavours. Your analytical ability will help you perform outstandingly in your professional life.


New assignments and responsibilities will come your way . You may expect a pay raise or promotion. Nevertheless, there may be delays, but there will surely be progress in career. A change in the job is also likely. There are also chances for you to go abroad due to your career. Businesspersons may have a good year; though you may face problems in partnerships. Expansion of business is also possible this year.


This would be a reasonably prosperous financial year. There will be a constant flow of income. An unexpected inflow of wealth is very likely. There will be a rise in income. Yet the financial status may remain unstable for some time. Your experience in investment will pay you handsomely. A past investment or an ancestral property may bring good returns. You may purchase something which you desired for a long time. A change of location or residence is likely.


Those in love may have to face disapproval from their family members. The best time to get married is in the last quarter of the year. Married people may face problems. Interference between in-laws or outsiders can cause heated arguments and rifts in the family. Domestic peace could be disturbed. Stay away from arguments and do not demean your partner.


Be careful about your health. Mental tension will deteriorate health if you are not cautious. An improper diet will result in digestive disorders. Older people may face some health problems like knee and joint pain. This is a good year to plan a baby.


It is a good time to plan long journeys. You may also arrange a get-together with family & friends. Many spiritual trips are also likely.



Advice:                   Be more communicative and have patience.


Remedy:                Make food and water arrangements for stray animals and birds.





Please note:  

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