Astrology is based on the concept of Karma. Our thoughts and our actions constitute our Karma; thereby they shape our Destiny. Destiny or fate is nothing but the reciprocal force of our own actions performed in past lives.


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Yogaśāstra states that actions produce merit and demerit in the form of habits (saṃskāras) to repeat similar actions in the future. You can, of course, use your freewill to break off from your bad habits and improve your karma. This in turn will unlock the benefic outcomes of the planets and thus change your luck.


So, let us see how changing some of your habits can actually enhance your luck:


If you have the habit of spitting around, immediately give up this habit! It could be adversely affecting your prestige and status in society.


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Do you have the habit of throwing your clothes around or leaving your bed undone? Beware, this spoils your Rahu and Saturn. This can cause instability and chaos in your life. It would be best that you assemble your bed yourself on waking up.


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Do you have a wavering mind? Are you not able to take decisions for yourself? Wear a copper bracelet. This will strengthen your Sun and boost your confidence.


Image result for washing feetAre you angered or irritated very quickly or without reason? Always wash your feet well; specially after returning home. You will soon experience clarity of thoughts and peace of mind.


Related imageSome people have the habit of shaking their legs or tapping their feet while sitting. Please avoid this habit. This is a sign of bad Rahu and can create problems relating to health, wealth and create unnecessary hurdles.


Related imageNever hurt dogs. Do not kick them. In fact feed them if you can. This will prove to be an effective remedy for malefic Saturn and Ketu.


Related imageDo you get success only for a temporary period? Are your hard efforts not rewarded adequately? Never leave your plate on the dining table after eating. This will improve the benefic effects of Moon and Saturn. You shall also experience mental peace.


Related imageAlways offer a glass of water to anyone who comes to your house – be it your guest or a laborer. This will improve your Rahu and all Rahu related problems will slowly be solved.


Image result for indian lady buying fruitsWhenever you return home from work or otherwise, always remember to buy something for the family. It could be as simple as fruits or candies for children. Make this a habit and you will soon find wealth and prosperity increasing steadily.


Image result for using abusive languageDo not speak loudly or harshly and never use abusive language. Saturn and Rahu will start giving your malefic results.



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