Jupiter transits from Virgo to Libra sign on 12th September, 2017. It shall remain there till 11th October, 2018. Libra lord Venus and Jupiter are not the best of friends. In fact, the two represent extremely different spectra of human pursuits. Jupiter represents knowledge, simplicity, patience and spirituality. On the other hand, Venus represents materialistic possessions, enjoyments, glamour and luxuries. Yet, both are Gurus – sharing equal status, but of two different worlds.

But not to forget that Libra is also a sign of balance, harmony and peace. So the expansive Jupiter will help to solve disputes and problems in an intelligent, cool and decisive manner. This combination will favor justice and fairness. Common sense and balanced approach shall prevail. This Jupiter transit in Libra will prove very good for some and a bit problematic for others.

Let us see how this Libra Jupiter will affect the twelve signs:



The focus will be on relationships and collaborations. Health will improve and you shall be more at peace mentally. You shall feel more positive and energetic. Some of you may have to watch out for weight gain. Social circle will widen. You may meet someone interesting at workplace or while travelling. New partnerships are in the offing. Businessmen shall get new opportunities. Of course, they will have to put in adequate efforts before they enjoy the gains. The unattached shall seek new companions. Those already in a relationship may decide to take it to the next level. Marriage bells shall be ringing for many. However, some of you may seek to end a stressful relationship. Domestic life will improve. You shall participate in social and religious ceremonies. It is also a good time to learn new skills. Short trips and tours will keep you rejuvenated. Keep all channels of communication open.

ADVICE:         Keep a strict control over your expenses. Stay away from sadhus and fakirs.



The emphasis will be on your health and career for the next 13 months. Take due care of your health; especially your diet. Stomach or digestion related problems may trouble you. Fresh food and a regular exercise regimen will prove to be very helpful. Career wise, it will be a good period. Unemployed may be offered a job; they may even go abroad. Promotion or transfer to a better place is also possible. Some of you may change to better jobs. Income will rise; so will the expenses. Unnecessary travels may result in excessive expenditures. Income from additional or unexpected source is likely. Businessmen will see increase in sales and gains. You shall purchases possessions of comfort for your family. Do not take any new loans or debts. Try to clear off you earlier loans as soon as possible. You will need to be patient in relationships. Marital life may be disturbed.

ADVICE:         Avoid arguments at all costs. These may turn into disputes. Keep your weight under control.



Romance and children shall be the center of attention in this period. Students will fare well in exams. You may decide to pursue Masters or Ph. D. degree. Time is very favorable for those pursuing higher studies. Some of you may change your academic stream. This is also a good period to learn a new creative skill or pursue a hobby. Mental clarity shall prevail and you shall be able to take mature decisions. Confidence will rise and you will be able to put your best foot forward. A new love affair shall brighten up your life. Those in a relationship will get many opportunities to spend quality time with each other. Marital life will improve. Children shall be a source of joy and pride. Travel to spiritual retreats are possible. Investments in speculations shall prove profitable. Social circle will widen and help in opening up new sources of income. You may have to take care of some dental issues.

ADVICE:         Do not accept any donation or gift. Plant sunflower or marigold in your house.



The focus will now be on property and family.  Domestic and real estate related issues will now be resolved. Atmosphere at home will be quite congenial and comforting.  You shall enjoy the desired comforts and luxuries, branded accessories, new vehicle, etc. The family shall rejoice on entrance of new member in the clan. Some of you may purchase a new house or move to a bigger or better residence. Renovation and interior works will increase your expenses. Correspondingly, your income too will increase. Work load will increase and you will take new strides in your career. Businessmen shall see increase in trade. Some of you may change your line of business. You shall gain a better understanding of self and shall see things in a new perspective. Some of you may go abroad. Mental peace and undisturbed sleep will help rejuvenate your nerves. Those suffering from heart ailments should be careful of their diet.

ADVICE:         Avoid heavy and oily food and take some light exercises. Donate pulses to the needy.



You shall experience a spurt in your core energy and self-reliance. This will motivate you to pursue and achieve new goals. You shall experience overall development and growth. Relationships with siblings and neighbors will improve. New contacts will be formed. This is the right time for those wanting to start a career in communications, publications or journalism. You may opt for specialized courses or learn a new skill to enhance your career. Media people, authors, teachers, preachers shall progress remarkably in their career. Some of you may win appreciation, awards and accolades for your work. Marriage proposals shall start pouring in. you may find a life partner of your choice and liking. You shall enjoy fun filled weekends with your friends or fiancé. Some of you may start planning to purchase a new residence or move to a bigger and more comfortable place. A long standing wish may be fulfilled.

ADVICE:         Apply saffron or turmeric tilak. Help in the education or marriage of girls.



A productive and profitable period begins. Expect a boost in your earning powers and improvement in financial status. You shall acquire material possessions for yourself and family. This will give you mental peace and a sense of contentment and security. However, be prudent in spending. Domestic relations will improve; any differences of the past shall be eased out. Peace and harmony will prevail. The divorced or separated may seek a partner for remarriage. You may get a job of your choice. Career prospects will improve; you can expect a promotion. Those in business will see increase in profits. Some of you may start your own independent venture. An unexpected gift or wish fulfilment is on your way. This is a favorable period for those appearing for competitive examinations. Social life will improve. You shall be a part of celebrations and parties. Avoid getting into arguments or taking loans.

ADVICE:         Get all the pits and potholes in front of your house filled with mud. Keep a control over your temper and speech.



This transit will bring about developments in your immediate environments. Health will improve. A chronic health issue will now be resolved. You shall be drawn to new fitness regime. You will experience an increase in willpower and self-confidence. A feeling of peace and calm will prevail. You shall be able to surge ahead with a stable mind. New possibilities will open up. Relationships too shall improve and you shall be able to put across your views successfully. Better job opportunities will present themselves; promotion is possible. Foreign or long distance travel is on the cards. New venture begun now hold promise of a bright future. Keep away from extravagant and wasteful spending. The eligible will get married. Married couples should try to settle their differences amicably. Otherwise, separation is inevitable. Couples desirous of starting a family may be blessed with the conception/birth of a baby. This is an excellent period to pursue higher education.

ADVICE:         Be very helpful. Lend a helping hand to as many needy people as possible. Respect women.




This is a period of internal transformation, of understanding the lessons of life and of healing. You shall witness subtle changes within yourself. A confused mind may blur your decision making abilities and result in losses. Unnecessary expenditure will rise. It would be wise to seek expert advice before taking vital decisions – be it related to business or finance or relationships. Career wise, it would be wise to work behind the scenes. Those involved in philanthropic work shall find peace and solace. Take great care of health. Be careful and avoid accidents. Surgery or hospitalization is not ruled out. You may resort to yoga, meditation, alternative methods of healing, etc. Some of you may develop interest in occult, psychic or spiritual matters. The good news is that you shall be entering the last phase of your sade sati in October. This will help in diminishing much problems. You may go abroad for academic or work related matters.

ADVICE:         Keep away from all kinds of unethical or illegal acts. Donate food, clothes and medicines for needy elderly people.



Overall growth and expansion are the keywords in this transit. Some wish will be fulfilled. New contacts will widen your social circle. Personal relations will improve. Influential people will help you in your projects. Besides this, they shall help you to formulate long term goals and get you social recognition. You may be offered a more lucrative job or a promotion. Persistent efforts will result in increase in income. Work will move smoothly. The second phase of sade sati may create some problems but you shall be able to overcome them. There may be some strong temptation of having extra marital affair. Be careful; there are chances of you being caught. The eligible ones will get good matrimonial proposals and shall get married. The married shall be blessed with the birth of a child. You shall participate in social or religious ceremonious. At times, domestic problems and squabbles may frustrate you. Students pursuing higher studies or competitive exams shall fare well.

ADVICE:         Water the roots of a peepal tree. Wear a copper bangle around your wrist.



This is the right time to be in the limelight. Put together all your past experiences and plans – this is the year of execution. Put your best foot forward. Your professional acumen will be publicly recognized. Past efforts shall yield rewards now. Preachers, teachers, counsellors, etc. shall get opportunities to prove their worth and emerge leaders in their respective fields. You may be promoted or venture in to a new career. New opportunities will present themselves. A senior person will mentor you to accept new job roles. Businessmen shall be able to explore and exploit new avenues and expand their business. Be prudent – don’t take on more than you can handle. You shall benefit through real estate. You may hardly get time to tend to domestic matters. This may cause some resentment or insecurities in home life. Beware of false accusations and backstabbing. Those appearing for competitive examinations shall be successful. Take due care of your health. Avoid rich and spicy food.

ADVICE:         Donate almonds, coconut, urad dal and oil in a temple or holy place especially during solar eclipse.



The focus will be on education and travel for the next 13 months. Long distance and foreign travels are very likely. Luck will favor you. Confidence and optimism will increase. You shall get many opportunities to interact with different culture groups, philosophies and thoughts. In other words, you shall be able to expand your horizons in every possible way. This is also a good time for learning and higher studies. You may even go abroad for higher studies. Those dealing in foreign trade will benefit a lot. It’s a good time for those in publishing, writing, and media. You shall get enough opportunities to present your ideas to a broader audience. Some of you may even find a love interest abroad or someone belonging to a different cultural background. Legal matters shall be decided in your favor. Friends will be supportive. You will find it easy to cooperate with others. Some of you may be blessed with the birth of a child.

ADVICE:         Sponsor pilgrimage tours of desirous poor people. Keep away from intoxicating drinks.



This is the period when you need to take control of your life. You may have to let go some things to prepare way for new and better ones. These could be old ideas, old beliefs, old relationships, etc. A feeling of anxiety or insecurity may overwhelm you. You shall be able to overcome this with a disciplined and positive approach. This is a very good time to clear all clutter in your life – physical, mental and emotional. You may inherit some legacy or benefit from a sale of property. This is an excellent period to work on financial planning and strategy. It would be wiser to work behind the scenes and avoid the limelight. Also keep away from all litigation. Try to settle disputes in an amiable way. Be careful when on the road; accidents and mishaps are likely. Students may undertake some research projects. Intimacy with partner will increase and you shall discover more of each other. Avoid all borrowings and investments in long term projects.

ADVICE:         Donate ghee, potato or camphor (kaphur) in a temple. Take care of elderly people.



Jupiter transits to Libra sign on 12th September, 2017 and shall stay there till 10th October, 2018. Jupiter becomes retrograde in transit on March 9, 2018 in the sign Libra for four months, becomes direct on from July 10, 2018. Also Jupiter goes combustion on October 12, 2017 and remains combust till November 9, 2017. So results will be different during these periods.

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