Gemini twin


Focus: A year of reflection and renewal!



2023 will prove to be a turning point in your life, Gemini. You shall witness many changes in both your personal and professional life. No doubt, you may have to face many challenges. But then, there shall be many opportunities and many new paths to success for you. You will make a decision which will radically change your career path. So do not waste any time.


Things that were stuck will start to show results. You shall be comfortable in terms of health, career and finances till April 2023. Thereafter, increased work pressure and differences with superiors may bother you. Stay calm. You may get increments, promotions and reputation.  There are chances of shifting abroad for a career.


Business will be good for Gemini natives. New collaborations post-April will bring more profits. Speculative investments will also bring good returns. You may get job or business offers from foreign lands in the last two months of the year. Be cautious while partnering with friends.


The finances will be very good this year. Income will increase. You will find new opportunities for the expansion of business and gain of wealth. Old investments will bring good returns. Nevertheless, there will be unnecessary and excessive expenditures too. Renovation of the house is likely. Be wary of taking loans. Furthermore, stay out of any financial legal concerns.


Love and friendship will blossom this year. Students or professionals going abroad may find a new partner in a foreign land.  Old love interest may re-enter your life. Family life will take precedence over other matters. Harmony and peace will prevail overall. Though, some disagreements may create a little tension in relationships. A happy occasion or celebration in the family will bring happiness. Married couples can contemplate having a baby this year.


You may experience some health problems in the first quarter of the year – largely due to work stress and pressure. There are chances of health problems like back ache, eye and throat-related issues and seasonal illnesses. Pregnant women must be cautious and avoid strenuous activities.



Advice:            Work hard; do not depend on sheer luck.


Remedy:          Seek the blessings of your elders before commencing any important work. Donate Khichdi to the poor.


Please note:  


These are general predictions. Individual predictions may differ depending upon your personal horoscope and placement of planets, Dasha, Antar Dasha, etc. For personalized predictions, you can order your own Customized Annual Report – 2023Kindly click HERE to order your personalized Annual Report.

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