HOLI 2018


This year, Holika Dahan is on 1st March. The Muhurat for Holika Dahan is between 06:45 pm and 08:55 pm. ‘Rangwali Holi’ or ‘Dhulandi’ ie playing of Holi with colours will be celebrated the next day on 2nd March.


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Let us see how will this festival of Holi bring changes in your lives:

Image result for colorful aries signARIES:

You shall experience some change in your way of thinking and your outlook. The first half of the month will be promising for you. Financial security is assured. Lovelife will be eventful; you shall be able to spend some cozy moments with your beloved. Avoid any arguments and confrontations. Some unexpected changes at workplace may be a cause for concern. Business expenses will rise. This is not a favorable period for travelling. You need to take care of your health. Keep away from stress.


Related imageTAURUS:

This Holi spells good times for you. You shall see financial gains and success in career. Domestic happiness is assured.  Some of you may plan a long distance tour. Businessmen shall bag some big profitable contracts. Be cautious of any untoward incident after 25th March. Minor accidents and injuries are possible. Otherwise health will improve. This is not a good time to propose to your love interest.  Extra marital affairs may create problems for you. Social life will be eventful and interesting.


Image result for colorful gemini signGEMINI:

Holi this year will bring an improvement in happiness and finance; especially in the first fortnight. You may have to face some stressful times as the month progresses. Achievement of goals and positive changes in career are predicted. Long pending property issues will be solved. Some of you may decide to renovate/redecorate your residence. Digestion related problems may trouble you. Be careful when outdoors; more so after the 3rd week of March. Recitation of Hanuman Chalisa will help.


Image result for cancer crabCANCER:

Things will start improving. Rise in income will raise your confidence. Those looking for a job may get some good opportunities.  The employed may have to shoulder greater responsibilities and new projects. Family life will be satisfactory; old issues shall now be resolved amicably. Eligible girls shall start getting some good marriage proposals. Joint pains may trouble you. Beware, someone may try to tarnish your image. Some of you shall get an opportunity to travel abroad.


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Related imageLEO:

Expenses are likely to increase; saving of money could be a problem. Workload too will rise but you will not get the due credit for your work. New business opportunities will show up after April. Keep away from stock trading and speculative business of any sort. Health will show improvement. However, stress or anxiety may lead to insomnia. Avoid arguments and confrontations in relationships. Be patient while taking important decisions. Postpone your marriage plans for some time.


Related imageVIRGO:

This year, Holi brings you some challenging period. Be very careful and vigilant regarding your health. Family atmosphere will be tense; avoid getting into any kind of arguments or confrontations. Children may need extra attention. Be cautious while taking important decisions. You may have to put in greater efforts and longer hours as your workload will increase. Chances of travel exist. Avoid unnecessary expenses. Those living abroad may have to wait for some more time before returning home.


Image result for LIBRA SIGNLIBRA:

Holi brings some positive energies for you; it sets the tempo for good times to come. No doubt, problems will persist; but now you will be able to face them with greater courage and vigor. Gains from property is likely. The unemployed can expect a call letter in the last week of March. Time is favorable to start a new business; investors shall be interested in your project. Keep away from all kind of intoxicants. Legal disputes shall be settled in your favor. Journeys shall not bring the desired results.


Image result for scorpio SIGNSCORPIO:

This Holi will bring you some good news. Expenses and worries are likely to rise initially; but as the months pass, things will start easing out. Monetary gains are foreseen. You shall profit through property and vehicles. You may also be able to recover stuck money. Avoid necessary and extravagant spending. Domestic issues shall be solved satisfactorily. The unattached are likely to meet their prospective life partners. Those appearing for competitive examinations shall be successful.


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 Image result for sagittarius SIGNSAGITTARIUS:

Workload will increase, so will your income. Yet financial issues will keep you on your toes. Differences will be resolved and people will cooperate with you. A person of opposite sex will prove helpful. You may face some problems in your relationships.  This is not a good time to switch jobs or business. Do not invest in property nor begin any new venture in the next few months. Sudden changes after 26th March can upset you. Be careful when near fire or electricity. Keep your words and ego in check.


Image result for makara zodiac signCAPRICORN:

Holi brings you the good news that things are going to improve for you soon.  Positive changes at workplace will keep your spirits high. However, unexpected expenses are likely to drain your resources. After some tough period in March, businessmen will get many lucrative offers; moreover, important financial deals shall be signed. Postpone all property related deals to April onwards. It is advisable to avoid long distance journeys. Eye problems are likely; otherwise there are no major health issues.


Image result for kumbha aquarius signAQUARIUS:

Holi heralds a very positive period for you. This is the time for which you have been waiting for long. Health will show improvement. Promotions and increments are on the cards. Businessmen are going to have a very busy and a very profitable period. Income will be good; bank balance will rise. Someone will propose to you. You may have to spend on some auspicious event. Time is auspicious for travelling – you may go on a business or pleasure trip. Indulge yourself and fulfil your wishes.


Image result for meena signPISCES:

Holi brings you a message that things are going to get better. Financial status shall improve. The employed may have to struggle a bit more. Do not introduce any new changes in your work area. Some of you may change residence or relocate to a new place. Stamina will rise; so will your anger. Emotional stress can take a toll on your health.  Be patient. Haste may lead to wrong decisions. Family support would be helpful in cheering you up. Be careful when on the road.  Avoid strong reactions.