Jupiter (गुरू) transits to Scorpio (वृश्चिक) sign on 11 October, 2018 and shall stay there till 4 November, 2019. Scorpio is a water sign ruled by the fiery planet, Mars. On the other hand, Jupiter’s element is ether/space (आकाश).  Jupiter and Mars share a strong friendly relation. While Jupiter represents expansion and growth, Mars represents power and confidence. The transit of Jupiter in Scorpio is indicative of increase in intuitive powers as well as confidence.

This transit period is the time for secretive planning and strategizing, working hard and winning competitions. It is also the right time to delve deep into secret knowledge and esoteric studies, exploring new horizons. This is also a good period for healing and transformation. Jupiter’s transit in Scorpio bodes well for research, financial matters, sole entrepreneurship and business activities. This will also be a time for rebirth – of ideas, of desires and renewed efforts.


Let us understand how this transit of Jupiter in Scorpio will affect the different Moon signs:


The transit of Jupiter to Scorpio sign will prove fortunate to people born in Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Pisces signs. Those born in Leo and Aquarius signs shall experience mixed effects. People born in Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio and Sagittarius may find this transit a bit difficult.



Jupiter will be transiting your 8th house. On the personal front, you shall suffer from fatigue due to work overload and unfruitful travels. Mind shall remain restless. Minor health issues such as piles and excretory organs related problems may trouble you. Beware of accidents. You may have to undergo a surgery. Take care of your father’s health.

Personal and family problems can disturb you emotionally. Some of you may have to face some challenging situations due to this transit. You may also undergo some transformation in your personality. Some of you may get interested in occult studies and research work.  

You may experience delays and disturbances in your work area. Someone will try to malign your reputation. This will affect your career prospects. However, you shall gain through safe investments. Do not invest in landed properties, though. Sudden gains through in laws or inheritance are likely. Income will increase; but so shall the expenses. Avoid taking any loans; you may find it difficult to repay.

Advice: Avoid take major decisions in this period. Seek expert advice from an experienced person if some urgent decision has to be taken. Donate medicines for the poor.




Jupiter will be transiting your 7th house. You will see light at the end of the tunnel. Things will start turning in your favor. This transit brings you a period of happiness. It is time to shine in the limelight. The time is appropriate to expand your social network. Life will get better and status will improve. You shall yearn for social life and some long standing desire shall be fulfilled.

Any dispute with family members shall be resolved. There will be stability in domestic life. Auspicious occasions will call for celebrations. Singles may meet someone interesting. The eligible shall get good proposals. Marriage is on the cards too. Couples shall be blessed by birth of a baby.

Career will take a positive turn. You may take up a new employment of start some new venture. Time is good for partnership business. Promotion in job is also likely. All this will surely improve your financial position. Your spouse can be instrumental in increasing your monetary status.

Health will improve. Be a bit cautious after March 2019 though. Travels will bring good news. Some of shall travel abroad.

Advice: Be more generous and pass on the blessings to others. Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily.




Jupiter will be transiting your 6th house. Imbalances in life shall be the cause of concern. Friends may break promises, clients may cancel contracts. You may feel dejected and lose interest in work. Material gains will no longer attract you. You shall experience a strong inner urge to know the purpose of your life.

Despite your best efforts, things may not seem to work in your favor. In addition, laziness and lethargy shall delay matters. You will not be able to reap the fruits of your labor. Atmosphere at work place shall not be conducive. The unemployed may get a new job. Businessmen may have to incur debts to tide over the financial problems.

You will need to be cautious regarding your health. Issues relating to sexual/reproductive organs, food poisoning, wrong medication, to liver problems and poor circulation can trouble you. Travel plans shall not go as scheduled. Some of you may have to face some immigration problems.

Advice: It would be wise to stay away from arguments and be more tolerant and patient in your approach. Do not harbor expectations; just continue with your work and fulfil your duties with dedication.




Jupiter will be transiting your 5th house. This transit will bring you good fortunes, peace of mind and contentment. You shall achieve what you have been pursuing steadfastly. You shall be more optimistic and full of energy now. By now, you have realized what you want in life and how to get it.

Time is right for new beginnings. Many opportunities for romance, dating, and creative activities will come your way. Childless couples may be blessed with the conception/birth of an offspring. Likewise, you shall experience happiness on account of children.

Dreams will come true. You shall see a growth in your career. Those in acting, teaching and childcare shall benefit a lot.  No efforts will go unrewarded. Nonetheless, you need to keep away from rash gambling and speculation. You are likely to enroll in courses/classes that stimulate your creativity in general.

Health will surely improve. This transit is excellent for students appearing for competitive examinations. Foreign trips are possible after March 2019.

Advice: Donate food to the needy.




Jupiter will be transiting your 4th house. The last year was full of disturbances. You are now entering a phase which will bring stability in your life. You may utilize this period for some soul searching as well. Besides, your mother shall be your strong guiding force in this period.

This is the appropriate time to focus on home life. That includes renovations and extensions in the residence. You may have to face some domestic problem from March 2019 onwards. Some of you shall change residences or may have to shift places due to a transfer. You shall invest in properties or vehicles. Gains through property is also indicated.

You may have to face some problems in your career or profession. Some false allegations may also be charged against you. But eventually, everything will be sorted out satisfactorily. Businessmen should concentrate on completing the tasks on hand instead of initiating new ventures. Also, be very cautious while taking loans. If possible, avoid borrowing money, otherwise you may find it difficult to repay.

Take due care of your health. Be careful while driving and when on the road.

Advice: Keep away from conflicts. More importantly, take time to relax and focus on your wellbeing. Yoga and meditation will provide the much needed mental peace and contentment.




Jupiter will be transiting your 3rd house. Some unexpected changes in life shall be the cause of stress and anxiety. This can be a testing period especially for those who are running a weak Mahadasha/Antardasha as well.

You shall suddenly become very busy and get involved in too many things. However, not all efforts shall bear the desired results. You shall be very eager to implement your new ideas. But you need to be patient; take vital decisions only after due consideration and advice. You shall see an upsurge in your communication skills and activities. Surely, social networks will expand bringing in more contacts and contracts. Those in media and publication business shall see an increase in turnover. Partnerships will be successful but differences may develop between business partners. You shall be able to defeat your opponents and create a niche for yourself.

The eligible ones will find a suitable partner. If in love, this is the right time to propose marriage. You may travel abroad with your life partner. You may need to take care of your mother’s health.

Short distance travels are likely. Beware of accidents while travelling and driving. Moreover, you should keep away from litigation as much as possible. Also avoid all kinds of speculative dealings. Students may face problems in studies post March 2019. Some of you shall join short term courses.

Advice: Contribute towards the education of a girl child.





Jupiter will be transiting your 2nd house. This transit of Jupiter is extremely favorable and rewarding for you. There will be gain of wealth and there will be happiness in family. You shall spend on comforts and luxuries. Do keep a check on extravagant spending. This is the right time to focus on family matters.

You shall be more inclined towards reading and writing. People would be highly impressed by you power of oratory. Moreover, you shall be able to use your accumulated knowledge to gain financially. Furthermore, you will also see improvement in your career and also earn fame. Investments made in this period shall prove profitable in the long run. This is a good time for purchasing long-term assets. You may get an offer of a lucrative new job. More importantly, your instincts for money shall be excellent. By and large, things would seem to almost miraculously fall into place regarding income, work, and employment.

Health will improve. Do take regular breaks from your work in order to concentrate on your fitness, exercise and wellbeing. Students pursuing research work and higher studies will succeed.

Advice: Do not be overconfident or careless in money matters. Fasting on Thursdays would be beneficial.




Jupiter will be transiting your 1st house. This transit will bring some changes in your life – all of which may not be comforting. Nevertheless, it is time to come out of your shell and show the world what you really are. You shall suddenly get more interested towards higher studies & learning a lot of new things. All in all, you shall be more happy and confident now.

You shall be full of positive energy. You may feel more inclined toward healing, philosophical and spiritual activities. The time is right to develop your vitality and progressive life-force. Love life will be interesting. Eligible singles shall find a suitable partner. The married shall enjoy conjugal bliss. Your happiness may be enhanced by the birth of a child.

Career growth shall be normal. Partnership business shall prove to be profitable. You may have to travel abroad for work. It is advisable to stay away from new ventures and speculative businesses.  Health will be good. Nevertheless, beware of gaining weight.

Time is excellent for those in pursuit of knowledge and higher studies. Students pursuing Ph. D. or Management studies shall succeed with flying colors. Long distance travels shall be fruitful.

Advice: Respect all women. Have faith in yourself.




Jupiter will be transiting your 12th house. This transit brings in transformations – which may be painful but you shall evolve into a much better and mature person. Past karma will catch you with you now. Harsh experiences will help you understand the true meaning of life and the happenings around you. Some of you shall get answers to puzzling questions in your dreams.

Marital life is likely to be disturbed. You may have to face some problems relating to property matters. Ceremonies and rituals would take place. This would further deplete your financial resources.

Those in employment shall benefit more as compared to those in business. Disinterestedness shall set in which will adversely affect your career and professional life. Be careful or you may even have to lose your job. You need to be patient and tolerant especially if you are in partnership business.

You will need to take due care of your health. Some of the other physical ailment is likely to trouble you. Long distance travels are on the cards. Some of you shall get opportunities to go abroad.

Advice: Seeking spiritual solace and meditating will help you cross over this transit peacefully. Do charity according to your capability.




Jupiter will be transiting your 11th house. This is a time when you shall feel considerably confident about the future. This will help you to accomplish some of your most cherished dreams. You would be eager to start new projects. But do not put your hands in too many pies!

Time is appropriate to seek alliances whether it is business partnership or plans for marriage. In addition, social activities will increase and your circle of friends will expand. At the same time, some hidden secret of some of your friends will shock you.

You will fare very well in your career and finance. Your hard work and dedicated efforts shall be amply rewarded and recognized. Promotions and increments will bring in new responsibilities and new opportunities to showcase your latent skills.  Increase in profits and earnings will improve your financial status. Those in media or creative fields shall benefit a lot. You shall also gain in speculative trading.

Students shall benefit by group studies. You may also pursue a creative hobby which can double up as your additional source of income. Foreign travel is possible. Mid 2019 can be problematic with respect to health and family matters. Some accident or injury is not ruled out.

Advice: Avoid alcohol as much as possible. Keep a yellow handkerchief with you.





Jupiter will be transiting your 10th house. This will bring you all around auspiciousness.

Relationships with family members will improve. Domestic harmony will prevail. You shall spend on purchase of some new property/vehicle or on renovation of existing property. A family vacation will provide you the much needed relaxation and happiness.

Time is ripe to exhibit your leadership skills and professional acumen in the public arena. You shall achieve new heights in your profession. This will bring in greater work load with you having to assume multiple responsibilities. This is the right time to get a new job or change to a better one. Promotions are very likely. Business should focus on long term gains rather than on short term profits. Also, beware of some disturbances in your career. Besides, seniors and bosses may not be cooperative. Howsoever difficult the time may seem, do not give up. Things will surely change and success will finally be yours.

Health will be good. You may have to travel for work or higher studies. Those appearing for competitive exams shall be successful.

Advice:  Be more tolerant of others. It would be prudent to control your words. Do not trust anyone blindly.




Jupiter will be transiting your 9th house. Your luck will favor you. Your confidence and self-esteem will rise. You shall witness an expansion in your understanding, perspective and belief systems. These could be instrumental in bringing some vital changes in your life.

Health will definitely improve. Also, increase in weight is a very strong possibility. Domestic harmony will bring happiness. Differences with family members can be sorted out with due efforts.

Luck will now start turning in your favor. Things which were stuck since a long time will now get resolved. You shall be amply rewarded for all your past efforts. Consequently, your professional life will be satisfactory. Seniors and higher authorities shall be cooperative. You are likely to participate in religious activities. Those in teaching, publishing or communication/counselling business shall benefit the most.

This transit will bring in more travels and more learnings. You shall become more philosophical in your approach. Also, it is time to expand the horizons of your knowledge. Students shall opt for higher studies and shall be lucky in getting the best teachers and institutes. Furthermore, those desirous of going abroad shall get a suitable chance. You shall make friends for different cultures and places.

Advice: Doing charity and visiting places of worship will surely enhance your luck. Apart from this, take some time off to thank your teachers and gurus.