Jupiter transit to Pisces

Jupiter moved to its own sign  Pisces on 13 April 2022 after 12 years. This will be a mystical, magical, lucky transit for many signs. Let’s explore the transit of Jupiter in Aquarius and Pisces and its effect on all the zodiac signs:


(Note: The results shall manifest in a materialistic/physical plane when seen from the Ascendant. The same results shall have more of an emotional/psychological impact when read from your Moon sign.)

Aries (Mesh Rashi):


Jupiter’s transit to Pisces will bring the focus on finance, foreign travel and spiritualism. Some of your past suppressed ambitions and desires are likely to be fulfilled in the year 2022.


If you are planning to start a new business or join a new job, this is a good opportunity. Those in employment shall be transferred to a distant place or may have to travel abroad for work. Businessmen shall benefit from overseas trade and contacts. Though, three will be difficulties in business matters. so be cautious.


Some financial losses and expenses are likely. Though, you may gain through inheritance or ancestral property. You shall spend on home renovations. Some of you may also buy or sell a property/ house or a vehicle . You shall spend on spiritual activities. This is the right time to pay off your debts.


There is a possibility of an auspicious event in the family. On the personal front, you may have some bitter experiences or heartbreaks. Despite a few misunderstandings, marital life will be reasonably good.


You need to be cautious regards your health. Keep your food habits in check. Be alert for ailments like diabetes, jaundice, liver-related problems, etc.


Some long-distance or foreign travels may take place. Spiritual journeys will be perfect for self-contemplation and rejuvenation. You may also join some meditation or self-improvement programs. This is a good transit for the students who are planning for higher education.


Remedy:           Offer bananas and sweets to elderly people. Water Peepal tree.

Taurus (Vrishabh Rashi)

Taurus bull



Jupiter’s transit to Pisces will bring you luck, fame and financial abundance. The focus will be on your career. You will feel very energetic and spirited. You will develop a positive attitude towards life. The time is ripe to do something big – something which you always wanted to do. Many of your hopes, dreams and aspirations shall be fulfilled.


You will get many opportunities to progress in your career. The unemployed shall get suitable placements; you may even be selected for a government job. Relations with superiors will improve at the workplace. Some of you may leave your job and opt for self-employment. Those into teaching, professional counselling or networking-related work shall benefit a lot. Politicians are very likely to win in elections. This is the right time to start or expand your business.


Monetary problems will end. You will gain financially from different sources. Wealth will rise significantly. You may also earn from foreign sources and contacts. Businessmen shall get good profits.


Eligible singles are likely to meet someone interesting. Those who are in a romantic relationship can take their relationship to the next level and get married. Differences with spouse will disappear. Marital life will be joyful. Couples planning a baby shall be successful.


This Jupiter transit augurs well for students. Academic interest and concentration will increase. You may also pursue higher education in the field of your interest. Those appearing for competitive examinations will be successful.


Remedy:           Wear gold or turmeric thread on your wrist.

Gemini twin

Gemini (Mithuna Rashi):



This Jupiter transit will mark the start of a period of professional changes and growth for you. It brings good news to job seekers. Those looking for a job change will find one of their liking with a good pay pack. Your hard work and efforts will earn you perks and respect. Some of you shall be successful in starting a new business venture. There will be positive growth in partnerships. You can now complete your stalled projects without any hindrance. Businesses related to real estate, construction, finance and education will bring in a good income.


Financial conditions will be excellent. Gains through marriage or inheritance are very likely. You will be able to accumulate assets. The business will prosper. The standard of living will improve. It would be wise to save money as the future is a bit sluggish regards finance. You may invest in property, vehicle or long term assets. Loans will be sanctioned. Preferably, keep away from speculative activities.


Love affairs will be short-lived. Breakups are very likely. Eligible singles will get married. Relations with spouse will improve. You may go on spiritual trips with family and friends.


You may get relief from many old health issues. Yet, you need to be vigilant about your fitness. Physical ailments, high blood pressure and stomach problems may trouble you. The health of your parents will need attention.


Students will fare well in their examinations. Some of you may get a scholarship for higher education to a different location.

Remedy:           Clean your nose before commencing any work.

Cancer Crab


Cancer (Karka Rashi):



This Jupiter transit to Pisces will be favourable for you. It brings you fame, rewards and long-distance travel. You will be able to achieve your goals. Social media and networking will play a major role in making you popular.


All your pending work will be completed. With strong willpower and courage, you will be able to achieve your goals.  New opportunities will open up in jobs and business which will prove to be beneficial. Those in the fields of media, entertainment, health, engineering and sports shall progress very well. Real estate dealers will strike profitable deals.


The financial situation will keep fluctuating. But cash will keep flowing in. Overall wealth will increase. You can purchase some property or house during this Jupiter transit. Long term investments will give your good profits. Keep away from speculative activities.


Health will be average. Obesity and digestion related issues are likely to trouble you. Hence it is important to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. You may also have to care for the health of a family member.


Harmony will prevail in love relations. Eligible singles will meet their ideal match. Marriage is very likely during this Jupiter transit. Some of you may settle abroad with your spouse.  Differences with the father will be resolved. You may go on a spiritual journey with your family.

Those desirous of higher studies shall succeed with flying colours. Those appearing for competitive and civil services examinations shall be successful. A long-distance journey or travel abroad is very possible.


Remedy:           Preferably, visit a temple or a holy place daily.

Leo Lion

Leo (Simha Rashi):


This transit of Jupiter will increase your interest in mysticism and spirituality. You shall be focused on education, entrepreneurship and travel opportunities.


Professional life will be average. Some unpleasant twists and some failures can disturb your career. The work atmosphere will not be very congenial. Just remain focused on your own work. Some of you may lose your job. While some of you may go abroad for employment purposes.


There may be some issues in the partnership business. Major disagreements may lead to the dissolution of the partnership. Businessmen should plan practical strategies to minimize losses.


Despite some losses, finances will improve. An unexpected source of income will open up. Gains from ancestral properties and in-laws are a strong possibility. Refrain from taking loans.


You will need to remain cautious about your health. You may suffer from some chronic health problems. Issues related to high cholesterol, constipation or the digestive system may trouble you. The health of children will need attention too.


Interference of an outsider can mar relationships. This transit is not very favourable for those in love. Couples need to be patient and understanding towards each other. Aggressiveness can lead to conflicts and separation. A trip with your partner will help in bringing you together. Expectant mothers should take good care of themselves and the baby in this period.


Students will have to put in more effort to get excellent results.  Those appearing for competitive exams too will need to focus fully on their goals and be ready to burn the midnight oil.


Remedy:           Offer potatoes, ghee and camphor in a temple.

Virgo (Kanya Rashi):


Jupiter transit to Pisces promises you positive changes and wish fulfilment. You will get favourable results in your career, education and overseas travel. Issues, if any, in your business or job will now get resolved. The unemployed will get a decent job. Your tact and talent will earn your admiration and promotion. You may be transferred to a place of your liking.

Time is favourable for family-run and partnership businesses. You can now start a new business or expand an existing one. Effective marketing and networking skills will help your business to prosper.


Finances will be satisfactory. Income will flow in from multiple sources. Past efforts shall now bring you benefits. You will enjoy comforts and luxuries. You shall gain from the share market, investments and property. Yet, you will not be able to save much. Be vigilant while making new investments.


Eligible singles will find a suitable match and settle down in marriage. Issues in relationships shall now be resolved. The married couples will enjoy conjugal happiness. This is the right time to clear misunderstandings and mend relations. Ignore petty issues and domestic life will be wonderful. You shall get monetary gains and support from your mother and siblings.

Overall, health will remain good. Lethargy and a sedentary lifestyle can cause obesity. You should keep a check on your cravings for sweets.


Short distance travel will prove fruitful. You may go on a short trip with your family.

Remedy:           Stay away from sadhus and fakirs.



scales libra

Libra (Tula Rashi):



This Jupiter transit is favourable for your professional life; particularly for those who are involved in legal or healing fields. You will get many good opportunities to progress in your career. Your hard work and sincerity will be suitably rewarded.


The unemployed will get a desired job. You can also be offered a placement in a foreign country.  Salaried people can also get benefits through increments and perks. The work environment will be amiable. Those in business will be successful in getting increased revenues and profits.


Financial status will improve. Expenses will increase, but the increase in income will take care of the rising expenses. Reserve some funds for contingencies. Do not take loans; else it will take a long time to clear your debts. Secret enemies will create challenges for you.

Some of you may have to face a breakup or separation in your love life. Minor clashes will family members are likely. Heated arguments and confrontations at home can disturb domestic peace. Be patient and do not react aggressively. Having a pet in the family will work as therapy.


You will have to take due care of your health. Minor problems related to digestion, liver/stomach and weight issues may trouble you. Mental exertion will increase. Be careful while driving.


Students will find it easier to concentrate on their studies. This period can prove to be fruitful for those who are preparing for competitive examinations or administrative services. Those desirous of going abroad shall find suitable employment.


Remedy:           Offer clothes to a temple priest.


Scorpio (Vrishchik Rashi):



This Jupiter transit will give you excellent results in education, creativity and children related matters. There will be an increase in rank and prestige. You may get a new job offer. A cordial atmosphere at the workplace will motivate you to give your best. You can get a new position in the job which will increase your influence.


Those in the fields of media and entertainment will progress well. It is an appropriate time to do something new in business or execute your plans. New projects will bring appreciation and rewards. The business will grow rapidly.


Finances will improve. Unexpected gains are very likely. Multiple sources of income will open up. Expenses will increase too. Try to control your spending spree. Time is favourable for new investments. Old investments will yield good returns. Avoid taking any kind of loan.


Singles will find themselves romantically attracted to someone special. Marriage will bring you prosperity and wealth. Differences with spouse will get resolved. There are chances of birth of a child. Relations with children will improve. Celebrations and auspicious events in the family will keep you happy.


Take special care of your health. You are prone to ailments related to seasonal changes. Some past illnesses will get cured during this transit. Exercise regularly to remain active and in good physical shape.


This Jupiter transit will be favourable for students and those appearing for competitive exams. There will be an increase in knowledge and creativity. You may travel for educational or spiritual purposes.


Remedy:           Do not accept anything free.


Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi):


This Jupiter transit to Pisces will bless you with many material gains and positive changes. This will be a golden period for you. You will experience a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. The focus will be on family and real estate. Disputes related to property are likely to be resolved.


There are chances of better opportunities at work and growth in your career. The office atmosphere will improve. You will earn respect, increments and promotions at your work front.  Do not take any chances in your professional life. This is not the right time to change jobs. Businessmen will need to keep a firm hold on their funds and resources.


Financially, this is a good period. You might invest in some property or vehicle. Some of you will buy a new property or a luxury vehicle of your choice after May. Invest wisely only after taking expert advice. Be cautious against taking huge debts. Some kind of legacy or inheritance is also likely.


Those settled abroad may come back to their motherland. On the other hand, some of you will migrate to foreign countries. Court cases will be settled in your favour.


Marriage talks will begin for the eligible singles. Relationships with family members will progress. Avoid arguments in the family. Keep your mind calm.


Health improves considerably. Nonetheless, you may gain some weight. Those suffering from diabetes should remain alert. Your mother may have to face minor health issues.


Time is favourable for students. Those who wish to go abroad may also receive some good news.


Remedy:           Wear gold on the body.


Capricorn (Makar Rashi):


This Jupiter transit will bring you happiness, good fortune and prosperity. Your communication skills will improve and you will move ahead with confidence.


If you are looking for job opportunities abroad, you will get many chances. A hobby turned into a profession will bring you fame and earnings. Those in the fields of holistic healing, teaching and counselling will do very well. Nonetheless, you will need to put extra effort to accomplish your goals.


The business will be profitable. New initiatives will bring in more gains. Real estate, construction and transport-related business will prosper very well. This is a favourable time to expand your business – both at national and international levels. Income will be satisfactory. Foreign collaborations and contacts will bring you gains. Income will flow in from multiple sources.  Long term investments prove profitable.


Relations with siblings will improve. The domestic atmosphere will be very positive and happening. You might meet someone very special. Love life will be blissful. Eligible singles will get good proposals from distant places or overseas. Luck and wealth will increase after marriage. Love and affection between married couples will increase.


Overall health will improve. Those suffering from joint pains will now get relief. However, some of you may suffer from throat or neck related issues.


Medical and engineering students will get admission to institutes of their choice. You will be successful in competitive examinations. Short journeys and foreign travels shall prove profitable. A spiritual journey will help in family bonding.


Remedy:           Offer sweets and fruits to little girls.


Aquarius Makara

Aquarius (Kumbha Rashi):



Jupiter’s aspect on your 10th house of career & profession will provide you with good career growth. You will use your talents to expand your horizons. You will earn respect, promotions and good remuneration for your hard work. This is a favourable time to get a new job or change jobs. Time is promising for business class. You can now concentrate on the expansion of business. You will find investors for your ventures. New businesses will flourish.  Those involved in a family business will earn good profits.


Financially, this is a beneficial period. The money-making potential will increase rapidly. New sources of income will be available and savings will rise. An unexpected sudden gain is very likely. Past investments will yield good returns. You will spend on comforts and luxuries. You may invest further in real estate or shares. Loans will be sanctioned easily.


Peace and harmony will prevail on the domestic front. Some of you may get married to your long time beloveds. Though this transit is not favourable for those in a committed relationship. Health will be good. Married couples will enjoy warm conjugal bliss. You shall be relieved of past ailments. Maintain healthy eating habits and keep away from vices and intoxicants. However, some injury is likely. Hence, be careful and cautious.


Travel will be beneficial for you. You shall be inclined towards spirituality and shall spend on religious activities. It is advisable to settle disputes amicably instead of taking them to the court.


Remedy:           Fill up any pits on the road in front of your house.


Pisces (Meena Rashi):


This Jupiter transit will bring the focus on your SELF. You will be able to make the right decisions at the right time. Your personality will improve and you shall now be more confident and motivated. You will be successful at whatever you do. A new chapter begins in your life. A long term wish or dream will be fulfilled.


This is the time to reap the results of your past efforts. Your work will be appreciated and rewarded suitably. Increments and promotions are in the offing. The unemployed will get wonderful job opportunities. Those thinking of a job change can confidently lookout for better options matching your skills, experience and talent. It is time to launch new ideas and projects.


The business class will get encouraging results with an increase in their revenue. Partnerships will experience positive growth.  There is a marked increase in your financial position. This period opens up new sources of income. New investments will prove profitable in the long run.


Those in love will now think of taking their relationship to the next level. Eligible singles will get married. You will experience a new freshness and harmony in your conjugal life. Mutual understanding will increase. Couples desirous of begetting a child shall be successful.


You will recover from old health issues. Yoga and meditation will further boost your physical and mental health. However, weight is likely to increase.


Students will be successful in exams. Some of you may get study scholarships or employment in foreign lands.


Remedy:           Wear yellow-coloured clothes often.



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