Jupiter will be transiting from Scorpio sign to Sagittarius sign on 05 November 2019. It will remain combust from 14 December 2019 to 10 January 2020. Jupiter will enter Capricorn on 30 March 2020; it will become retrograde in Capricorn on 14 May 2020. On 30 June 2020 it will again enter Sagittarius. Finally on 20 November, 2020, Jupiter will transit to Capricorn sign.

Jupiter is the most benevolent among all the Planets. It is the sign of good fortune, luck & happiness. Sagittarius sign (Dhanu Rashi) is the Mool-Trikona sign of Jupiter. The significations of the houses ruled by Jupiter in your horoscope will get highlighted during this transit. Even if it does not give seemingly good results to some signs, it will still teach them a lesson which will help them to improve and develop their lives in future. After all, Jupiter is the ‘Guru’ – whatever it does, it is for the better!


Let us see what impact this Jupiter transit will have on all the signs.



Lady luck smiles on you this year. The period of uncertainty comes to an end. You shall be blessed with success, good health, promotion, wealth etc. Some long term wish will come true. Your confidence and courage will increase. You will be able to take the right decisions at the right time and shall do well professionally. This is a good time to convert your ideas and plans to action. Those looking for employment shall find a suitable job.

You may come across an interesting person to whom you shall be attracted romantically. Time is favorable for those wanting to start a family. This is also an excellent period to mend relations with in-laws.

Those suffering from some disease or health issues since a long time will now be able to recover well and soon. Religious trips and long distance travels are possible. You may have opportunities to go abroad and expand your horizons Students desirous of higher studies shall find the right guidance. Chances of success in competitive examinations are bright.


  • Donate food especially chana dal, jaggery, etc. and clothes to needy persons.
  • Keep a yellow colored handkerchief with you always.



Something very significant is going to happen in your life – especially relating to your career. A sudden opportunity will pave way for some huge transformation. You will be able to experience better times as compared to the recent past. New responsibilities will make life hectic; extra work load will result in fatigue. Eventually, success shall come after some delay and struggles.

Life will become hectic because new responsibility is going to come your way. Time is excellent to work on economic planning and strategy. Financial gains may come through a partnership or there may be an increase in a spouse’s income. However, this is surely not a good period for speculation or reckless investments. Though, you may plan for sound, long term investments. Some of you may purchase a vehicle or a landed property. You shall be able to recover stuck money.

You need to take good care of your health. Digestion related problems may trouble you. You should include yoga and meditation in your daily life. You shall be inclined towards spiritual activities. This transit is good for doctors, astrologers/healers and researchers. Travel abroad is likely.


  • Do not start any business in partnership. Avoid taking any loans.
  • Offer ghee, curd, potato, camphor or chana dal in a temple or to the needy.



The grueling period of despair and restlessness finally comes to an end. This Jupiter transit indicates fulfillment of some long standing desires. You shall now emerge as a more confident and courageous person. Your hard work and efforts shall be amply rewarded. You can expect a salary rise along with appreciation for your hard work. New sources of income shall open up. Businessmen will come up with new ideas and shall be able to expand or diversify their business. You may also start a new venture. Those in communication field such as writers, speakers, journalists, etc. shall come across new opportunities.

Health will be good. Relationship with family members will improve. Avoid unnecessary arguments with siblings and friends. All hurdles in getting married shall now be cleared. Marital issues shall be resolved peacefully. Social life will improve.

There will be an opportunity to go abroad. Work related trips shall prove fruitful. Long pending works/contracts shall now be completed successfully. Legal matters or challenging relationship problems which were stuck since long will now be resolved.


  • Support physically challenged people as much as you can in whatever way possible.
  • Keep away from sadhus and fakirs.



Jupiter transit will bring mixed results for you. On one hand, your skills and aptitudes to handle detailed jobs will increase. On the other hand, you will get restless and may lack motivation in your work. You are likely to get a new and better employment. You shall see development and growth in your career. Work environment will improve. Some hidden enemies may try to conspire against you. But they will not succeed. Financial status shall improve. However, businessmen need to be cautious and alert while making investments.

Domestic life will be peaceful. Though, this is not a favorable time for matters of the heart. Misunderstandings are likely to occur. Occasional confrontations with partner may lead to arguments. Stress levels will be high during this period.

Some health issues may bother you. There is an inclination to put on some weight. You may need to adopt a new lifestyle with healthy habits and regular exercise. There are strong chances of you going abroad. Some of you may get or adopt a pet. Students will perform well in exams. You may get some good news around midyear.


  • Stay away from office politics and gossip mongers.
  • Donate food and sweets to poor people.


At last, you shall be blessed with happiness and peace. This transit brings huge potential for you. You have now emerged a wiser and more experienced person as compared to last year. This is the best time to start things anew. You shall realize your purpose in life and shall start working towards it. Power, wealth and prestige will increase. Long awaited promotions and appreciations are imminent. You will be able to get a new job or start a new business, which will flourish in the near future. Income shall flow in from multiple sources. Investments made now shall prove profitable in the long run.

Health will improve. You shall feel more energetic and rejuvenated. This is also a good time for love and marriage. A new romance may enter your life. This transit is very auspicious for eligible singles; you will be able to find the right match for yourself. Pregnancy or childbirth is very likely during this period.

Artists, creative people and athletes shall gain in this transit. Those waiting to go abroad for their further studies will get a suitable chance.


  • Be wary of over confidence in speculative investments.
  • Donate Gur (Jaggery), chana dal and bananas to the poor and needy.



You are likely to experience slight turbulence during this transit. Restlessness will trouble you. You would seek isolation to do some self-assessment and understand things in a better perspective. Some of you may even develop an interest towards spiritual matters.

You would see improvement in career. New job, transfers and promotions are on the cards. Businessmen will do well. You will get plenty opportunities to start a new business. Take decisions only after deep contemplation to avoid aimless drifting. Opposition from family or adversaries may cause mental agony.

You may undertake some renovations at home. You may move to a larger or more comfortable house. Property deals shall be profitable. Some of you may purchase a new vehicle. An auspicious ceremony in your family will be help in ironing out some differences.  At the same time, be alert; someone close may betray your trust.

Health may be an area for concern. Pranayama and meditation will be very helpful. Travel abroad for higher studies or for career shall be successful.


  • Every Thursday, donate 5 yellow sweet fruits in a temple or to some needy person.
  • Do not take any big loan during this transit.



Things are not looking too good for you during this Jupiter transit. Too many things shall happen too soon. You may have to face delays and hindrances. Wasteful travels and medical expenditures would affect your finances adversely. However, overseas travels will be beneficial for you

You may have to face some challenges at your work place. It is important for you to keep patience and just concentrate on your task. You will have to work very hard to get the desired results. Some of you may decide to change your organization. You may even decide to leave your job to start your own business. Though, investment in the new business will not be very beneficial. This transit is going to be very important for teachers, writers, politicians and sportsmen.

Change of residence is likely. Things are not looking very good on the marital front. . You will be quite busy and may not be able to spend quality time with your spouse. Take good care of your partner’s health.

Students need to concentrate on their studies. This is a good time for them to take up a new course.


  • Married people need to keep away from unnecessary arguments.
  • Offering fruits and sweets to small girls will be beneficial.



Jupiter transit will bring positive and amazing results for you. You shall now heave a sigh of relief – after a long testing period. This will prove to be a profitable and productive year. You will feel more confident and enthusiastic.

2020 will see remarkable improvement in your career.  You shall be motivated to develop your talents which in turn will boost your income. Your hard work will be noticed, appreciated and rewarded. Job change or promotions are very probable. Those in politics shall progress. New undertakings shall prove successful. Financial status will improve. This is a good time to make wise investments. A major purchase or sale is very likely. A significant gain will come your way.

Auspicious celebrations at home will make you happy. Family responsibility will increase. You can expect some relief in your relationship issues. Avoid any arguments or ego clashes with an elderly person.

Those suffering from some serious health issues will be able to find the right cure for their illnesses. Long distance travel will prove profitable. Visit to spiritual places is likely.


  • Avoid doing any business related to Jewelry. Also keep away from fresh investments during mid-year.
  • Offer water to Pipal tree, especially on Saturdays.



This Jupiter transit may prove to be a life changing period for Sagittarians. You shall witness noticeable improvements in your surroundings and an increased self-confidence in your personality. You may seek to find the true meaning and purpose of your life. Favorable things are likely to happen in your life. Some of your long-cherished dreams and ambitions would be fulfilled.

Your talents and creativity shall find expression and recognition. Financial status will improve. Additional source of income will open up. This is also a good period for expansion of business. You may come across new partners or investors. However, be vary of taking major risks in business.

Marriage related issues shall be amicably resolved. Those who are looking for marriage alliance will find a good match. This transit shall be rewarding for those desirous of having a child. Physical well-being will improve. You will be able to find the right cure for your chronic health problem.

You may take up some new study or course. Students will perform well during this time. Those appearing for competitive examinations shall be successful. Some of you may travel to distant or foreign lands.


  • Keep away from unethical and immoral activities.
  • Take bath in holy ponds / rivers.



Times will turn a bit tough during this Jupiter transit. You may suddenly lose interest in things. You may be inclined towards self-contemplation, spiritualism and meditation. You shall be motivated towards serving others. Expenses will increase; however, money will be spent for good purposes.

You shall progress in your career and take suitable steps to boost your future. Those in temporary jobs shall get confirmation letters. Businessmen should remain cautious and should not trust their partners blindly. Furthermore, avoid taking major financial decisions. This is not the right time to take risks and make huge investments.

You may purchase some landed property or a vehicle. You shall be able to win over your enemies by your tact and skills. Domestic life may be disturbed. You may be worried about the well-being of spouse and children. Possessiveness in relationships will lead to adverse conflicting situations.

Frequent travels are possible. Long-distant or foreign trips for pleasure or relocation is likely for some of you. Students will have to pay more attention to their studies and shall have to put in more efforts.


  • Do not start a new business especially in partnership. Avoid taking debts.
  • Offer good food to your guests, without fail.



The worst phase is over. It’s time to realize your dreams! Good earnings, promotions, respect and recognition – you name it and you have it! Your hard work and efforts will be noticed and recognized in this Jupiter transit. All you past efforts shall be amply rewarded. New opportunities will come your way. Different sources of income shall open up.

Businessmen shall gain immensely due to their hard work and well calculated risks taken. You shall be able to recover stuck money. The time is good for making new investments. During this transit, some of you may purchase a house or vehicle of your choice.

Peace will prevail in your personal life. Friends shall be very cooperative. A new romantic relationship can start. The eligible shall get suitable marriage proposals. This period is also good for those expecting a baby.

Health will improve. If you have been suffering from some medical issues, you would get healed in this transit. You shall feel more energetic and lively. Short travels are indicated. You may go to foreign country for pursuing further education or job. Students shall be more inclined to take interest in alternative subjects. Those appearing for competitive exams shall be successful.


  • Take care of the health of your near and dear ones.
  • Keep yellow handkerchief with you always.



Now begins the phase of pulling yourself together and putting in some real hard work. Expectations from you will rise. You shall come into the limelight. The presence of Jupiter in your tenth house makes the year a rewarding one; especially in  matters related to business and professional activities. Undoubtedly, this is a good time to plan your career on a long term basis. Pay hikes and promotions are on the cards. Social status and financial position will improve. New sources of income will open up. Those in debt shall be able to repay their loans.

Some of you might get transferred or relocated to a favorable place. You shall gain ancestral property. Peace and harmony will prevail in domestic life. Those in a love should think of taking their relationship to the next level. This is the right time to get married, if single. You shall gain through marriage.

You need to take utmost care of your health. Liver or digestion related issues could be cause for concern. This is a good period to adopt a new lifestyle and health regime. Legal matters shall be resolved successfully. Students will have to put in extra efforts for success.


  • Beware of false allegations and conspiracies at workplace.
  • Establish Guru Yantra in your house and worship it daily.


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