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Focus: Financial Prosperity & Transformations



In 2022, Leo may feel like things are slowing down a bit. Don’t worry, it’s just an intermediate phase where some things need rethinking and reviewing. Expect some dramatic changes around September. Even though you may face obstacles in various aspects of your life, you can overcome them with great confidence.


The beginning of the year is very productive for your career. Job and profession shall be in focus in the first half of the year. Adversaries may try to create trouble for you in the second half. But they shall not be successful in their attempts. Promotion and increase in status are very likely. Even so, 2022 is not a good time to change jobs. For sure, partnerships will be successful and shall yield good profits.


There are lots of financial possibilities for Leo in 2022. New sources of income shall open up. Moreover, gain through spouse or inheritance from in-laws is very likely. You will spend money on the purchase or renovation of house. However, you should not be extravagant. Also, avoid any long term investments.


A colleague or a close friend of yours may attract your interest. The single Leos are likely to get married in the first quarter of the year. Most importantly, you will be in a harmonious relationship with your partner. However, the second half of the year is not very promising for love relationships. Miscommunication can create misunderstandings. Talks of separation or divorce may also come up. So be patient and accommodating. Expectant couples shall be blessed with the birth of a child.


You need to focus on your fitness. Work and family pressure may take a toll on your health. Do take care of your stomach and liver and avoid unhygienic junk food. Problems related to pain in the limbs, digestion and kidney may trouble you. At the same time, do not let stress play havoc with your health. And yes, alternative healing methods will work better for you.


A business trip is likely around mid-year. You may also go on short trips with your family. Long distant foreign travel is very much likely during the year. Students may face some hindrances in education. Nevertheless, the period after April is favourable for those preparing for competitive exams.


Drink jaggery sweetened water before starting any auspicious work.


Do not try to control or dominate others.

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These are general predictions. Individual predictions may differ depending upon your personal horoscope and placement of planets, Dasha, antardasha, etc. For personalized predictions, you can order your own Customized Annual Report – 2022Kindly click HERE to order your personalized Annual Report.

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