Leo Lion


Focus: A Year of Success & Happiness.



2023 will bring recognition and positive transformation in the lives of Leo natives. No doubt, Saturn and Rahu will bring hurdles and hindrances from time to time. But Jupiter will prove to be your saviour. Focus on building a new future.


More opportunities will increase work pressure in the professional field. These will bring promotion and stability to your career. Some of you may switch jobs this year. Those seeking foreign jobs will be successful. This year is very good for traders, as their business may grow well. Focus on your ideas and efforts. The third quarter of the year is favourable for the expansion of business. Be careful if in partnership business.


Business and employment income will be more or less steady throughout the year. A well-thought investment will bring in good profits. Some of you may purchase a house or a vehicle in the second half of the year. You shall spend on fun-filled vacations, partying or shopping towards the end of the year. Post-October, be careful while taking financial decisions.


You may find yourself attracted towards someone in your surroundings. You shall find the courage to express your feelings of love to someone special. Compatibility issues and unnecessary arguments will disturb marital peace. It would be wiser to take a break and spend some quality time with each other. Stay away from extramarital affairs as they can be disastrous. You may have to cut ties with negative individuals who have a damaging influence on your life.


Stay vigilant about your health; lest it affects your professional life. Health will need attention in the first quarter. Sore throat, eye problems and respiratory illnesses may bother you. There are chances of pain in your legs and joints. You may encounter difficulties, stress, and tension due to career or family problems. It would be prudent to stay away from any kind of addiction.


Students may find it tough to clear competitive examinations. Concentrated efforts and complete dedication will be needed. You may have to travel for professional purposes.



Advice:            Learning some foreign language will be beneficial to you in the long run.


Remedy:          Donate food to the needy every Saturday.


Please note:  


These are general predictions. Individual predictions may differ depending upon your personal horoscope and placement of planets, Dasha, antardasha, etc. For personalized predictions, you can order your own Customized Annual Report – 2023Kindly click HERE to order your personalized Annual Report.

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