Rahu transits from Leo to Cancer sign on August 18, 2017 (Friday) at 00:37 and will stay there till 7th March, 2019 (Thursday) 02:48 a.m. Similarly, Ketu transits Capricorn from August 18, 2017 and stays there till March 6, 2019. Rahu moves to the sign of Cancer – the sign of comfort, home and emotions; while Ketu moves to the sign of Capricorn – the sign of hard work and perseverance. Many of you would have to give up your comforts, your sleep and leisure and work hard and diligently – to gain the fruits of hard labor in the end!


Let’s see how this transit will affect different signs:



For Aries ascendant/sign, Rahu will be transiting in the fourth house while Ketu will be transiting in the tenth house. You may experience restlessness or lack of peace in your own house. Some of you may even shift residences, while some others may bring about some changes in the interiors or go in for major renovations. Be patient and caring towards your mother. Beware of being duped or cheated. Be very careful while dealing in property or purchase of vehicles. You may face some issues or hard times at your workplace. Avoid responding to office politics or sarcastic comments. It is not advisable to change jobs in this transit.  Some of you may be promoted and transferred to a distant or foreign land. This will improve your finances and status. Some of you may experience a sudden gain through inheritance. You may also benefit through your in-laws.

Remedies: Wear silver on your body. Donate black sesame (til) or blankets to menial workers or needy people on Saturdays. Flow 4 coconuts in a river.



This Rahu transit will bring excellent results of Taurus – especially those in media, films, writing, communications, counseling, travel business, etc. This is the ideal phase to think big and turn your dreams into reality. If you have been thinking of starting something new, now is the right time. Short distance travels will prove to be profitable. Income shall increase; unexpected gains are not ruled out. Luck may change suddenly. Spiritual or religious pursuits and travels will increase. Those pursuing Ph.D. shall come across a new breakthrough in their research. Social network will improve. You will however need to be vigilant about your health. Avoid giving loans to relatives. Keep away from unethical activities. Try to maintain cordial relations with your family members.

Remedies: Keep silver with self all the time. Avoid the color black.



Sometimes tough times teach great lessons. This is not an ideal period to take any fiscal risks or make any new investments. You may be deceived in financial transactions. Do not take anything at face value; make thorough investigation before finalizing a deal. Some of you, however, may benefit by sudden gain of wealth (depends upon strength of Rahu in your personal horoscope). You also need to be watchful of what and how you express yourself verbally. Your words may be misinterpreted and this can lead to problems. Relations with family members may not be so pleasant. Health may require special attention – take care of your eyes and teeth. Some of you may have to undergo a minor surgery. Guard against wasteful spending. You are also advised not to apply for any loans or debts; you may find it very difficult to repay the same.

Remedies: Keep a silver ball in your pocket. Regular chanting of the Rahu Mantra- “”Om bhraam bhreem bhraum sah Rahave namah”” shall prove to be beneficial.



You are likely to be in a confused state of mind. You shall suspect one and all. Self-confidence shall suffer. It would be wise not to take any major decisions in this period. If you have to take a decision, seek some advice from an expert and knowledgeable person. Those in Government jobs may have to face some problems. You may be transferred to a place which is not of your choice or liking. Take adequate care of your health. Sudden change in lifestyle may have adverse effects. It is advisable to be more social; but at the same time beware of foes who pose to be friends. Students may be distracted from their studies; they should not be overconfident about their preparations. Pregnant women should take all necessary precautions and care. Differences and disputes with partners (including life partner) are likely. Be careful while driving.

Remedies: Do not accept any gift free, especially electronic items. Feed soaked barley/jau to birds every Sunday morning. Distribute blankets to the poor.



This is not a very good transit for you. Things somehow are not going in your favor. Unnecessary expenditures and losses are likely to increase. You may spend a lot on women or luxury items. Keep a tight control on your budget. You may have to work real hard; but may not be adequately compensated. Keep up the patience and persistence – you will be rewarded in the long run. Do not take any drastic or rash decisions. Hidden adversaries may conspire against you. Those in job or service may get a chance to go abroad.

Do not ignore any injury, wound or fever, howsoever small it may seem. Negligence of any sort may result in hospitalization. Students will have to put in extra efforts. Some of you may go abroad for higher studies. Those appearing for competitive exams shall succeed in their efforts. Married people may be lured into illicit relationships.

Remedies: Have your meals in the kitchen. Keep a pouch of fennel seeds under your pillow for peaceful sleep.



You shall have a wonderful phase. Your social circle will increase. You shall gain through influential contacts and friends. Income and financial gains will increase abundantly. Profits shall rise and expectations shall be fulfilled. Cash can flow in through speculation, inheritance or lottery; an additional source of income will open up. However, time is not right for making new investments. Your professional life shall be immensely satisfying and rewarding. A long cherished desire or wish will be fulfilled. You shall enjoy material extravagance. Beware of back stabbers. You may have to face some disappointment or problems relating to children. This can cause you mental stress. Females may need to be watchful of any gynecology related problem. Pregnant women need to be very careful.  You may learn a new skill or take up a new course of study. Handle personal relationship issue with tact and diplomacy.

Remedies: Use silver glass for drinking water. Do not accept any electric equipment as a gift.



An active phase in your career awaits you. The unemployed will get a job of your choice.  Promotions, recognition, increments, perks, etc. are very likely. This is the right time to move on to the next level or change to a better and lucrative career option. Those in politics, marketing, foreign trade and creative fields shall benefit substantially.  Businessmen shall benefit from risks and speculations. Some of you may travel abroad for work related matter. A change of residence or purchase of a new vehicle is also probable; though you may have to face some initial snags.

Repairs and replacements may be needed. Time is ideal to sort out differences with your in-laws. You may not be able to spend enough quality time with your family members. Even when you are together, arguments and squabbles may blemish the happiness. Do not take any decision on an impulse. Maintain good relations with your colleagues.

Remedies: Keep your head covered. Donate food and medicines for blind people.



This is definitely not the right time to take risks or invest in speculations. You may be misled by false promises. Disagreement with senior can cause problems at home as well as work place. It would be advisable to postpone any major decision to a much later date. Enthusiasm to start new projects would be elevated; but do not expect quick results. Some of you may experience sudden spurt of luck. New investment and business opportunities shall open up. Confidence will rise. You need to build up your good karma to be able to enjoy what destiny has to offer you. You shall participate in philanthropic and spiritual practices. Visit to holy places and participation in religious activities are likely. Students may get distracted by extracurricular pursuits. Some of may go abroad for work or higher studies. Maintain cordial relations with your father and siblings.

Remedies: Apply saffron/kesar or turmeric/haldi tilak daily. Feed stray dogs. If possible keep a pet dog and take good care of it.



A change of outlook or perception is very likely in this period. Spiritualism or philosophy would interest some of you. Property disputes may get resolved. Financial status shall remain fluctuating.  Businessmen will face stiff competition in business. You may have to put in extra efforts to maintain your sales and clientele. The employed may become targets of misunderstandings in their work place. Do not interfere in affairs of others. You also need to take utmost care of your health and eating habits. Problems like fistula, piles, urinary/excretory problems, etc. may trouble you. Guard against increase in weight. Be careful when on the road. Some hindrances may trouble you; you may have to face opposition from your own people.

Conjugal life is likely to be adversely affected. You may be concerned with some health issues of your spouse. Regular practice of yoga and meditation would prove wonders for reducing your mental stress. Students will have to put in extra efforts to get satisfactory results.

Remedies: If possible keep away from alcohol and rich non vegetarian food. Keep a square piece of silver in your pocket.



Do not be misled by false promises and rosy pictures. This is not the time to harbor high expectations. Mental confusion and restlessness may trouble you. You may have to face problems both in your marital life and business. This is surely not the right time to enter into a new business or partnership. You may have to bring some changes in your strategies and technology of your current business to face the tough competition. The eligible may have to wait for some time before they get married. The married may have to face some differences and disturbances in their conjugal life. Conflicts can create distance between the couple. Your spouse may face health/work related problems and delays. Those who have applied for divorce may get the final verdict from the court. Some of you may have to go abroad. Keep a control on your speech and anger.

Remedies: Donate black sesame (til) or blankets to menial workers or needy people on Saturdays. . Regular chanting of the Rahu Mantra- “”Om bhraam bhreem bhraum sah Rahave namah”” shall prove to be beneficial.



Confidence will rise and you shall be able to progress in your professional life. Do not let initial difficulties deter you. You shall progress in your professional life. Work environment will be good and relations with colleagues and subordinates will improve. A change of job is also on the cards. Some of you may even be transferred abroad or to a distant place. This is the right time to settle matters and disputes with your adversaries. Your work experience and contacts will reach you to new heights. Those in politics shall benefit immensely. Financial status shall improve and sudden financial gains are also likely.

Those suffering from some illness since some time will come across a permanent cure to their problem. You will however need to constantly monitor your health and dietary habits; otherwise you may have to suffer from stomach or digestion related problems. Avoid conflicts and confrontations at all costs.

Remedies: Baglamukhi mantra jaap would prove to be very beneficial. Feed wheat flour balls to fish.



This phase is not favorable for Pisces when you shall see mixed results. You shall dream big but lack of focus and sustained efforts would lead to disappointments. Be persistent in your struggle and determinations even in the face of difficulties and hindrances. It is advisable to take some expert advice in professional life. Business may expand their commercial activities. Your karma in this period will decide your future. Your creativity will increase and so will your confidence. Sudden financial gains are likely. Love life may be disturbed. There may be some issues relating to children. Pregnant women need to remain cautious and take utmost care. Students may suffer from loss of concentration; they will have to put in greater efforts if they desire good results. Keep away from gambling and speculations of all sorts. Also avoid company of notorious people and friends of questionable character. Spiritual journeys are possible.

Remedies: Wear 8 faced Rudraksha in a silver chain on a Monday morning. Regular chanting of the Rahu Mantra- “”Om bhraam bhreem bhraum sah Rahave namah”” shall prove to be beneficial.