Rahu transits to Gemini sign and Ketu will transit to Sagittarius sign on 7 March, 2019 and shall remain there till 23 September, 2020. Saturn is already transiting in the Sagittarius sign. Mars will join Rahu in opposition to Saturn and Ketu for most of May and June.

Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu are making conjunction two times in this year.

  • Mar 28, 2019 and April 24, 2019
  • November 4, 2019 and December 31, 2019

Obviously, this Rahu-Ketu transit is going to be quite eventful for all the signs for the next 18 months. So, let us see what this transit brings for each one of you:


A very happy and promising phase begins for you. There will be a surge in your boldness and determination and also in your communicative skills. Not surprisingly, some of you would experience a change of thought/behavior; then again, you may be inclined towards a new philosophy or higher studies. This will improve your image and status in society. Social contacts with influential people will increase. This is the right time to pursue and fulfill a deep desire you had nurtured since a long time. Artists, media persons and sportsmen shall benefit the most. There will be an all-around improvement in career matters.

You need to maintain cordial relations with your siblings and neighbors. Guard against unnecessary arguments – especially with your father and siblings. Some of you may suffer from shoulder or back pains. Avoid unnecessary travels. Though, some of you will get a chance to go abroad for work related purposes. Avoid wearing black and blue colors.



You will have to be cautious regarding health and finance matters. It is advisable that you keep away from dishonest means of earning wealth. You will have to work harder and wait patiently for the results. But, the good news is that your hard work and perseverance shall surely be recognized and rewarded. Some of you may get an offer to work in foreign lands. Be cautious in matters related to property; someone may try to cheat you. Spend money wisely and only where necessary. Finances will remain unstable. Do not lend or borrow money. Students should avoid negligence in their studies.

Your health is likely to suffer due to intake of wrong foods and also due to addictions such as smoking and drinking. You need to guard against dental problems, piles, etc. Mental stress and excessive worrying can trouble you. You will also need to keep a check on your anger and words. Heated arguments and confrontations could prove detrimental to you. Stay away from legal disputes.


You shall experience a spurt in your energy levels. In fact, don’t let it get to your head – yes, it can even make you frenzied and agitated! You may get short tempered and even try to dominate those around you. Your communicative skills will improve – try to use them to your advantage. Avoid foul language – it will break relationships. You may find yourself confused – avoid taking hasty decisions. It would be prudent to take some expert advice in such cases. Disputes will business or life partner is very likely. Keep away from arguments and conflicts. Students will need to put in extra efforts to get the desired results.

You will have to remain watchful of your health for the next 18 months. Injury to head or face region is not ruled out. Headaches and stomach problems are likely to trouble you. It is advisable to immediately refer to a doctor in case of any health issue. New, innovative ideas will fill your mind. Take some time to plan and organize things before implementing them. Do not believe anyone blindly.



If you have been dreaming of settling on a foreign land, this is certainly the right time to do so. Work related foreign trips and contacts are very likely. You shall meet new people. But do not trust anyone blindly. You may have to face problems at work place. Colleagues may try to defame you. Avoid all arguments with your boss or seniors. Be wise while spending money. Unnecessary expenditures are likely to burn a hole in your pocket. Avoid any new investments and do not lend money to anyone. The silver lining of this transit is that a dream will be realized – particularly if it is related to settling down in life.

Marital life is likely to be disturbed. You will have to work towards maintaining harmony in your relations. Brashness and behavior of children may become cause of concern.  It is better to avoid legal hassles in this period – they may prove to be very expensive. Take care of your health; especially your stomach, eyes and feet. Do not neglect minor health issues.


This transit of Rahu-Ketu is auspicious for Leo sign. You shall gain in terms of wealth, status and reputation. Income will increase; new sources of earnings will open up. You shall get many opportunities to progress in your profession. Friends shall be the driving force in your life in this period. You shall gain from foreign travels and through connections with people of different communities and cultures. Time is appropriate for fulfillment of your materialistic desires. However, avoid taking any loans.

Domestic problems may disturb you. Your children may be a source of tension to you. This will affect your emotional and mental health. You also need to take care of your physical fitness. Minor issues such as digestion or skin related problems, stress, etc. can trouble you. It is advisable not to plan a baby in this transit period. Pregnant ladies need to take utmost possible care of their well-being. They should avoid unnecessary travels and strenuous activities. Students will need to focus more on their studies; their concentration is likely to waver.


The next 18 months is a very auspicious period for your career. New opportunities will bring in more gains and fame. Some of you may get a job in a multinational company. Suddenly, you shall become the focus of attention and appreciation. However office politics may stall promotion for some time. Businessmen will bag new business contracts and projects – more so from overseas. You shall also gain financially; but be careful not to adopt shortcuts or dishonest means to earn money. Also avoid all risky investments. Short term gains will work fine for you.

Be careful; excessive workload can take a toll on your health – both physical and mental. You need to be extra vigilant if you have a history of high blood pressure or heart related problems. Mother’s health may also be a cause for concern. Property or inheritance related issues may trouble you. You may meet some interesting person of the opposite sex. Friendship will turn into an intimate relationship.


The next one and a half year shall prove to be a golden period for you; specifically in the career and profession sector. This is the appropriate time for making new beginnings and moving ahead in a positive way. Those looking for a job change shall find a suitable and lucrative opening. The eligible may get a job offer from overseas. Businessmen too can look forward to a rewarding period. This is a good time for expansion or diversification of business. Financial status will be excellent. You shall travel abroad for work as well as leisure. Spiritual tours shall prove to be very rejuvenating and rewarding. You need to be careful while travelling, though.

However, domestic life may not be so smooth sailing. You may develop differences with your siblings. Minor misunderstandings can flare up into ugly disputes. Take due care of your father’s health. You yourself may suffer from health issues related to the respiratory system. Do not trust people blindly. Transfer or relocation to a new place is probable.


Utilize this transit period to rejuvenate and evolve yourself into a stronger person. Things are not going to be smooth on the career front. The office atmosphere will not be congenial. At times, you may find yourself trapped in tricky situations. Don’t worry, you do have the strength to find a way out. Work load will increase; see this as an opportunity to prove your worth. Do not entangle yourself in fruitless arguments. Manage your finances well. Inheritance issues may surface. After some initial difficulties, you shall get your worthy share. Nevertheless, do not trust anyone blindly. Someone will try to deceive you.

Your family and friend circle shall act as pillars of support in these moments of need. Though, marital life will be strained. You need to focus on yourself – your health and your safety. Take good care of your health. Maintain safe distance from stray animals. Do not venture to unknown, dark places. Be careful while driving. Practice yoga and meditation to keep your mind balanced and stress-free.



This transit period will prove to be a mixed bag for you. Group activities will increase. You will need to be more patient and tolerant of other people’s opinions and behavior. It is not a good time to start any partnership business. Differences of opinions with partners will upset you. Businessmen will have to face some tough competition. It is important that you plan things well in advance. Do not make promises that you cannot keep. Marital life is likely to be disturbed. Some woman may be the cause of mental or emotional stress. When you are trapped in an unpredictable situation with no solution in sight, someone will appear from just nowhere to help you out. Do not resort to unlawful means for any reason whatsoever.

You can utilize this period for self-introspection and self-improvement. Resorting to spiritualism will help you to understand things from a different perspective. This is a good time to promote yourself and undertake new responsibilities. Take due care of your health. Guard against stomach problems and joint pains. Drive cautiously.


Rahu’s transit this year is certainly a good news for you. You shall witness success in career – promotions, increments, appreciation and all. Income will rise; so will expenditure. New investments are foreseen. It is advisable to avoid long term investments. Businessmen shall launch new projects. Do not be deterred by initial hurdles or challenges. Your persistence and hard work will bring you to the limelight. You will also notice a positive change in your outlook and approach.

On the whole, health will be good. Though, some hereditary or chronic health problem may crop up. Timely action will help you to recover quickly. You may also have to deal with minor issues such as digestion related problem, constipation, eye related problem, etc. Frequent travels are on the cards – which may prove to be stressful. Foreign trips are also possible. Students appearing for competitive examinations shall succeed with flying colors. Overall, you shall be happy and contended for most part of this year. Though, the last quarter can be a bit trying.


This transit spells luck in all your endeavors. Fulfillment of increased responsibilities will bring in appreciation and promotions. Team work will play a significant role in your success story. You will come up with new, creative ideas. New sources of income shall open up. Businessmen will be able to crack some big deals. They shall gain from influential contacts too. Those in partnership may have some differences with their partners. Unstable mind can lead to making wrong choices at times. It would be prudent to seek some expert advice before taking any important decisions or while investing money.

Time is favorable for students and those associated with the education field. Those aspiring to clear Civil Services examinations or PhD. shall be successful in their efforts. Eligible singles are likely to meet someone very special. Married couples will enjoy their moments of togetherness. However, they should avoid arguments under all circumstances.  Friends and family shall be supportive of you. Children’s health may be a cause for concern. It is advisable not to plan a baby in this transit. Watch out for minor accidents and injuries.


The focus will be largely on domestic and property matters. You will need to take good care of your mother’s health – and your own too. Work load will increase. Atmosphere at work place will not be very encouraging. Your promotion may be postponed. Avoid arguments with your boss and seniors. You may be tempted to quit your job. But do not take any decision in a haste. It may backfire at you. Things may slip out of your hand the last minute. Expenditures will rise. However, cash flow will remain satisfactory. This is the appropriate time to sharpen and upgrade your natural skills.

Longer hours at work will create misunderstanding and tension on the domestic front. You may develop some differences with your father. Physical health will be good; but you shall be disturbed mentally. Any heart or lung related issues should not be neglected. Be careful while driving as some misfortune or accident is possible during this period. Some of you may relocate or shift to a new place. Faith and patience will help you in this transit.

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