Focus:  A year of building strong foundations.


Sagittarius, 2023 will be a favourable year for you. You will experience an increase in your courage and positive energy. You will be able to achieve your goals and find fulfilment in your life.


Your efforts shall be recognized appropriately, which may encourage you to work harder. Be ready for fluctuations in your career. You will be lucky to get a job matching your skills. 2023 is a good year for those preparing for government jobs.


Business will thrive. Entrepreneurs may face hurdles in launching new ventures in the first half of the year. Do not invest in a business with which you are not familiar. A new business started after April 2023 may fetch you good profits. Some entrepreneurs will have difficulties in receiving payments from abroad. You may have to take a few business trips.


Finances look very favourable. The year brings gains. You will be able to accumulate wealth & savings. Investment in shares and property will give good returns. But be vigilant while investing. An ancestral property may also bring wealth. You may buy a vehicle before the year ends.


Singles may find new love interests between June and October. There is a possibility of marriage by the middle of the year. The second half of the year can be a testing time for couples. There can be ego-related issues in the relationship. Stay out of any extramarital relationship. Eliminating negative people from your life will help bring harmony to relationships. Childbirth is likely. You will also need to take care of your parents’ health. Be watchful towards children; they may fall prey to bad habits.


Overall health will improve. Unhealthy food can cause fatigue and lethargy. Mental stress will adversely affect your physical health. Be cautious when on the road. Cuts, injuries and surgery is likely in the portion above the neck. Those suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure must take special care.


There are chances of foreign travel after April. The dream of getting admission to the desired institute will be fulfilled.



Advice:            Avoid shortcuts to get ahead in life.


Remedy:          Do not return a beggar empty-handed.

Please note:  

These are general predictions. Individual predictions may differ depending upon your personal horoscope and placement of planets, Dasha, antardasha, etc. For personalized predictions, you can order your own Customized Annual Report – 2023Kindly click HERE to order your personalized Annual Report.


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