Taurus bull


Focus: Be ready to experience good luck and positivity. Be independent.



2023 will be a year of self-realization for Taurus. You will get favourable results for your past efforts, despite the delay. This year, you’ll be highly engaged in diverse activities and shall see a growth in reputation.


The year will open many new avenues for you in business and the work areas. Professionals can make incredible progress. Sources of income will multiply. You will feel very energetic and would be able to execute your plans successfully. Salaried natives may expect a promotion or a raise this year.


Finances will be good and you will be able to fulfil your material desires. The money situation will be excellent until April. However, expenditures will then continue to rise. Avoid all major investments this year especially after 22 April 2023 to evade financial risks. Beware of overspending and construct a good financial plan. You may buy a new house or shift to a different place due to your career.


Love life may take a backseat this year. Go slow in new affairs. Patience and direct communication will play a deciding role in relationships this year. Issues in marital life will be resolved. Some mutual adjustments will be required to be made in relationships from May to September 2023. Some of you may face some disturbances in your relations with your in-laws.


While general health will remain good, you need to pay attention to minor health issues. Issues like throat trouble, digestion problems, headaches, and skin irritations may worry you. Diabetic patients need to take care to avoid infections. Take special care of your health after April. Do not let mental stress impact your physical health.


This is a good year to establish new contacts and make important travels. You can plan a holiday or visit a religious place with your family. Students should not take competitive examinations lightly. Develop your skills for a bright future.



Advice:            This year will test your patience and resilience. Be ready to take up every challenge that comes your way.  Everything will fall into place at the right time.


Remedy: Chant the mantra ‘Om Rahave Namaha‘ regularly for 43 days.

Please note:  

These are general predictions. Individual predictions may differ depending upon your personal horoscope and placement of planets, Dasha, antardasha, etc. For personalized predictions, you can order your own Customized Annual Report – 2023. Kindly click HERE to order your personalized Annual Report

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