Astrology in daily life

How to use Astrology in Daily life?

Horoscope analysis and making predictions are just ONE of the many functionalities of Astrology. The ambit covered by Astrology is much more vast, deep and intricate. Astrology can be used in nearly every walk of life to take major decisions and make wise choices.

It gives you an insight into your deep, hidden inner self and distinct personality, the reasons why you behave or react in a particular manner, the purpose of your life, the means and timings when you would achieve success, etc., Astrology can actually be used to plan and strategize our day to day activities, to understand the underlying reasons of our stresses and conflicts and to resolve your problems and personal issues.

  • Panchang and Muhurata – the important cornerstones of Astrology help you to decide the most appropriate and auspicious periods to time the important events in your life, be it starting a new venture, joining an educational institute, taking up a new job, engagement, marriage, etc.
  • The moon phases and eclipses can help you in scheduling appointments for surgeries (which will increase the chances of success as well as reduce the loss of blood), exciting events such as dating, proposing to a loved one, planning a journey to mundane ones like haircuts, gardening, etc.
  • Astrology makes you aware of your inborn talents and capabilities as well as your weaknesses and shortcomings. This helps in making accurate career choices and making the right decisions at the right time.
  • A detailed study of the transit of planets will help you in understanding which facet of life is to be developed at a particular stage and time period and in what manner.
  • Planetary positions, conjunctions and transits help you to know your body constitution, the strong and weak elements in your body, the likely health issues you may have to face and thereby in taking the appropriate precautions and actions to avoid the problems or manage them in the best possible manner.
  • An in-depth analysis of your horoscope makes it easy for you to understand your emotions, relationships and people better and accordingly effectively manage them. It helps in gauging the compatibility levels between partners, colleagues, etc.
  • Astrology can guide students in making the right choice of subjects and professional courses based upon their latent talents and strong planets which can be analyzed from their birth charts.  
  • Your birth chart is a reflection of your past karmas; a deep analysis will help you to advance spiritually and philosophically too.
  • In short, Astrology provides the reasons and logic behind major problems in life such as marital issues, sufferings through diseases, loss in business, unemployment issues, family disputes, monetary problems, etc. Astrology shows you the potential of success in your birth chart; thereafter you can make objective decisions using your own free will and intelligence. Thus Astrology acts as a guide, a compass to give you a direction in life.
  • And above all, Vedic Astrology offers tools to smoothen things out and face adversities assertively such as penance (प्रायश्चित), fasting (उपवास), special spiritually-endowed reverberations of energy, the mantras (मंत्र), geometrical devices of energy, the yantras (यंत्र), the acts of worship and invocation of the Divine Power, the poojas (पूजा), charity (दान- परोपकार), use of gemstones, colour therapy, etc.


“I’m really thankful for the timely reading of my kundli and the remedies suggested by you. My father is much better now and is progressing well, thanks. "
“The session with you was really a marvelous journey of my life, a turning point or a push which was actually required. Your positive approach had regain my self-confidence to higher level. It’s not just counselling but it is an approach towards our life in an optimistic manner which you have thought. A confused person can always rely on you, there is no doubt that you will not only help the person through counselling, but also encourage the persons overall uplift of that person’s persona.”
"I had a wonderful experience with the astrologer; such minute details were revealed about my past that I was shocked, absolutely accurate predictions and very practical remedies, wonderful. She really is an excellent astrologer."
"I had consulted for my father’s health issues as medicines were not having any effect. I am surprised to know astrology also gives remedies for health problems that show good results. Excellent consultation. I would recommend astrologyindailylife to all."
"I cannot divulge the details; but I am thankful to the astrologer. Her timely counselling helped me avert my divorce. Thank you so much."
"This astrologer is too good. Her reports are very helpful. She provides easy to understand and easy to do remedies. She can help you by looking into your birth chart just provide her the details needed. I will be in touch with her in the future for a bright future."
"I had ordered a Marriage prospects report for my son in January. I had been trying to get him married since past 2 years, but somehow no one seemed interested. We started with the remedies given in the report immediately. I am happy that proposals have actually started pouring in; even from places where we least expected. We are really thankful that we referred to the right astrologer."
"The Astrologer is truly amazing. She explains everything so scientifically and positively. It has helped me a lot and will surely be in touch with you in the future too. Thank you so much.."
"95% of my problems was predicted without even me mentioning them. She also suggested some easy remedies. Overall it was a pleasant experience. I shall follow up soon for sure. Thank you."
"The Astrologer is highly knowledgeable and very good at interpreting things. She gives very simple remedies and good suggestions. Highly recommended."

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