PERSONALITY: Libras are pleasant, charming and good looking. They are very appearance conscious. They invariably have balanced features – both the sides of their face are in perfect symmetry. Most of them have dimples. They exude calmness and grace. Their soft and sweet smile is very attractive which they use often to get out of tough situations.  They have an eye for beauty and class. They are very congenial and peace loving people. They may appear to be shy and vulnerable but actually have a strong sense of purpose and inner power. They like to make friends. They are very straight forward people and hate beating around the bush.

MENTALITY: Libras are very diplomatic and practical by nature. They are a cheerful and spirited personality.  They have very polished and refined manners and a laid-back attitude. They have a mind of their own and weigh the pros and cons carefully before arriving at a decision. But they can take a very long time to arrive at a conclusion; many times giving an impression that they are indecisive. They seek perfection in everything. They are quite optimistic – they are capable of seeing something good even in the worst of situations. They think ahead of their times.

LOVE LIFE: Libras have many admirers. They find it easy to connect with one and all. Libras love to be loved. They are one of the most romantic zodiac signs. They are very loyal and committed to their partners. They seek permanency and stability in their relationships. They believe in the traditional ways of courtship – chocolates, candles, compliments, flowers and all. They prefer to be cautious in love matters and are not among the ones to rush blindly in matters of the heart. Friendship progresses to love relationship in many cases.

FAMILY & CHILDREN: Libras are the problems solvers and peace makers in their families. They feel very responsible towards their family members. They manage their household affairs in a very balanced, efficient and mature manner. They are very good at entertaining their guests. Friends and family are always relaxed in their company. They may have children late and few. They can be very strict parents who bring up their children in a discipline way. They ensure that their children are well mannered and well behaved. They are proud of their family and children.

CAREER: Libras are very creative and outgoing people. They are best suited for any career where they have to deal with the public. They are a great success in any vocation where they can express themselves; be it theater, interiors, art, antiques, fashion, photography, music, dance, etc.  They can also excel in professions related to law, business, politics, Public Relations & Marketing, Counseling, etc. They are most suited for leadership roles; they cannot work as a subordinate to anyone for long. Ambition, career and self-reliance means a lot to them. They are very resourceful in the art of making money.


•  Colors: Blue, White

•  Metals: Copper

•  Gems: Blue Sapphire (नीलम)*

•  Age of commence of Luck:  28

•  Best Remedy: Always respect women. Do not accept anything in charity.

• Mantra: |ॐ ह्रीं क्लीं श्रीं |     –     |Om Hreeng Kleeng Shreeng |

( * Please refer to the Astrologer before buying the gems.)