PERSONALITY: Taureans have a well-balanced, attractive and beautiful face. Forehead is broad and they have a well-developed physique. Their skin is generally smooth and clear. They have a sensuous personality. They have an eye for beauty and a refined taste for all arts forms. They love to dress stylishly and elegantly. They love good food. They have a very strong sense of touch.

MENTALITY: Taureans have a very stable mindset. They also have very strong determination and can be very obstinate. They are also very friendly and loyal in relationships. They are good at maintaining good relations with all – even their opponents. They have a very fertile imagination and are very creative. They can get angry real quick; but cannot sustain anger for long.

LOVE LIFE: Taureans are one of the most romantic zodiac signs. It’s very easy for them to woo or attract anyone. They seek commitment in their relationships. They are also the ones most cheated in love affairs. They are normally attracted to people who challenge and excite them mentally. They are quite choosy when it comes to their love partners. 

FAMILY & CHILDREN: Taureans make very devoted spouses. They take good care of their wife/husband and strive to make their homes a blissful place to live. Yet, sometimes, they may get involved in extra marital love affairs. But come what may, they will never seek to break their marriage. Often their children are artistically gifted.

CAREER: Taureans taste success only after much struggle and hard work. Their hobbies can very well be their professions. They would make a mark in careers related to music, art, cinema and theatre etc. They would do well in finance, designing work, Fashion and Cosmetics, Cloth Business, etc.


•  Colors: All shades of Blue and Pink, Pale White

•  Metals: Silver

•  Gems: Blue Sapphire (Neelam) *

•  Age of commence of Luck:  25

•  Best Remedy: Apply a little perfume or attar daily.

• Mantra: | ॐ ह्रीं क्लीं श्रीं |     –     Om Hreeng Kleeng Shreeng |

( * Please refer to the Astrologer before buying the gems.)