PISCES (मीन) – 2021:

Pisces fishes

Focus: Wealth and Career   2021 will shower fortune and fame on Pisces.  Your hopes and wishes will be fulfilled. Furthermore, you will get the best opportunities to unleash your maximum potential. Finances status will be excellent. Undoubtedly, hard work will give you good monetary returns. There will be a constant flow of income. You shall […]

AQUARIUS (कुम्भ) – 2021:

Aquarius Kumbha

Focus: Social Networking & Foreign Travels   Overall, 2021 will be an above-average year for Aquarius with good balanced personal life. You can feel overwhelmed at times. There may be some challenges initially. You may have to push your limits this year just to achieve your goals. Slowly, things will get better. Finances will be average. You […]

CAPRICORN (मकर) – 2021:

Capricorn goat

Focus: Love Life & Transformations   Capricorn natives will have a favourable 2021. Your heart’s desires will get fulfilled in due time. The focus will be on yourself. Simultaneously, you may have to make some tough decisions this year. Finances will be steady with gains, though there may be some major expenses this year. Several […]

SAGITTARIUS (धनु) – 2021:


Focus:    Family & Wealth 2021 may have a slow start as Sagittarius natives are under the influence of ‘Sade Sati’. The focus will be on finances and relationships. The second quarter of the year will be challenging. However, the third quarter will give you good fortune. Financially, you will have a strong year, with income […]

SCORPIO (वृश्चिक) – 2021:


Focus:    Changes & New  Opportunities   2021 will bring Scorpio natives mixed results. Largely, the year would be wonderful for those who are willing to experiment with new ideas. Change of place or residence or office is likely. In 2021, Scorpio will get some good opportunities to earn from new avenues. You shall buy a […]