Cancer Crab

  Focus: High Productivity and New Contacts     Cancer 2022 Horoscope says that this year brings you mixed results. You may have to face challenges and difficulties in your career at the beginning of the year. Additionally, unnecessary problems could crop up all of a sudden in the months of May, June, and July. […]


Cancer girl

PERSONALITY: Cancer natives usually have a full, round and very expressive face. They have a broad jawline and sumptuous lips. These signs are also characterized by fuller hips. They walk with a relaxed gentle gait. Moreover, they are likely to have a frail constitution. They are very protective towards those whom they love and would […]

Effects & Remedies of Saturn transit to Capricorn 2020-2023

Dates of Saturn transit: Saturn has transited to its own house Capricorn on 24 January 2020 where it shall remain till 17 January 2023. It shall transit through Uttarshadha, Sharavan and Dhanishtha Nakshatras during this course. Saturn will remain retrograde on 11 May and 29 September this year. Sade Sati will end for Scorpios. Three signs […]