PERSONALITY: Scorpio natives have prominently expressive facial features with deep penetrating eyes. They are a rare mix of boldness, fearlessness and confidence. They have a very determined and forceful personality bordering to the point of dominance. Yet they are warm, friendly people always ready to offer you a shoulder to cry upon. They have a […]


Libra girl

PERSONALITY: Libra natives are pleasant, charming and good looking. They are very appearance-conscious. They invariably have balanced features – both the sides of their face are in perfect symmetry. Most of them have dimples. They exude calmness and grace. Their soft and sweet smile is very attractive which they use often to get out of […]


Virgo woman

PERSONALITY: Virgo natives are perfectionists; they are very intelligent and analytical individuals. These are attractive people with quite delicate features and highly impressionable eyes. They may appear frail but actually are quite strong health-wise. Virgos look very calm and composed externally, but there is a lot going on in their minds. Actually, it is impossible […]

ALL ABOUT LEO ( सिंह )


PERSONALITY: Leo natives are easily recognizable by the grim jawline on their face, conspicuous nose, prominent features and the dynamic aura they exude. There is a tinge of redness in their complexion and a confident stride in their walk. All in all, they are handsome and have well-built bodies. Leos are very conscious of their […]


Cancer girl

PERSONALITY: Cancer natives usually have a full, round and very expressive face. They have a broad jawline and sumptuous lips. These signs are also characterized by fuller hips. They walk with a relaxed gentle gait. Moreover, they are likely to have a frail constitution. They are very protective towards those whom they love and would […]

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