Virgo natives are perfectionists; they are very intelligent and analytical individuals. These are attractive people with quite delicate features and highly impressionable eyes. They may appear frail but actually are quite strong health-wise. Virgos look very calm and composed externally, but there is a lot going on in their minds. Actually, it is impossible for them to sit still for some time. They are very well-organized and charming in their appearances. And yes, they are fiercely independent individuals – mentally and otherwise. They are fond of changes.


Virgo natives are very, very sensitive people – they are like sponges; they easily absorb the emotions and worries of others too. These people are very stable and down to earth. They are inherently practical and very detail-oriented. Virgos can be very outspoken and blunt and make very good critics. However, they do not take criticism easily. They continuously strive for perfection and are never satisfied with themselves. Also, they need their own personal space and time. This sign is quite inquisitive by nature. They find it difficult to relax.

love coupleLOVE LIFE:

It is said that when a Virgo loves, he really loves. Virgos can be extremely passionate and intense in their love affairs. They just are not the flirtatious types. They seek unconditional love and complete loyalty in their relationships. These people do not trust people easily. Of course, it’s not so easy to woo these reserved and practical individuals. But once in a relationship, they make very dedicated, honest and steady partners.


Sensitivity and charm are what Virgos seek in their spouses. They are most likely to have emotional and jovial partners who may even be artistically inclined. Virgos strive their best to make their home a blissful place. They are very protective of their family and children. However, they are not very open in expressing their love and affection. They generally have children late in life. They also experience tough times in bringing up their children. But they do succeed in instilling discipline and principles in them with their firmness and meticulous upbringing.


Virgos are well suited for careers that give them an opportunity to use their intellect and communicative skills to the optimum. They are very structure and detail-oriented people. No wonder, they can make wonderful journalists, media persons, sales managers, advertisers, business administrators and government officials. They are dedicated workers and highly adaptable to dynamic work environments. They can also be passionate writers, authors or speakers.


Colours: Green, Yellow

Metals: Silver, Brass

Gems: Emerald (Panna)*

Best Remedy: Keep a green coloured handkerchief on your person.

Mantra: | ॐ श्रीं ऎं सौः | – | Om Shreeng Aing Sauh |

Age of commencement of Luck: 36


( * Please refer to the Astrologer before buying the gems.)

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