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What does palmistry say about your health?

Palmistry has a very deep connection to Astrology. According to Palmistry, the lines of the hand tell the future, health, and progress of a person. The mountains of the palms give information about the nature and future of the person. Whereas the lines reveal the future and health of the person.


Every person’s palm is different. In the same way, their future is also written differently. According to palmistry, the fate line turns towards the index finger. Such a person attains a high position or prestige. They achieve success in their job. Also, such persons are interested in worship.

The fate line is very important in palmistry. By which the successes and failures of a person’s job, business, and life are known. According to palmistry, the line starting from the middle of the wrist going upwards is called the fate line. This line ends below the ring finger. According to experts, the fate line of many people is strong in hand and goes right up to the ring finger.

  • The Health line starts at the base of the hand near the Line of Fate. It runs upward till the mount of Mercury. Besides, it represents the health and disease of the personal.
  • It is an indicator, especially of the state of the digestive apparatus, and the operation of the liver. Besides, it also reveals the various maladies which may arise from the impairment of the essential functions of these organs.
  • The Health line or Mercury line also called a line of the liver represents a person’s overall state of health. It usually starts on the Mount of Moon and runs upward towards the Mountain of Mercury. This line mainly specifies the state of the liver and alimentary system.
  • When the health line does not exist on the hand, the individual is quite muscular and rarely suffers health issues. The best kind of line is a clear, sharp line because it indicates someone with a good constitution. Whenever the line appears red, inflamed, or otherwise discoloured, it can suggest that there may be a temporary inflammation present and the body is trying to fight it. Always look at the colour of the nails and skin. Also look for anything abnormal like dry skin, warts, or patches of grille lines.

Health is considered to be the greatest wealth of life for a person. Healthy people are successful in achieving their goals on the strength of their determination and hard work. According to palmistry, the fate line in the hand of a person, like a lifeline, there is also a health-related line.


The future in the lines of your hands determines the good health of a person. It not only reflects your happiness and prosperity but also your health. If the health lines are clear and deep and without any installation, then it is better for your health.



Know in detail about the health line:


1. If the health line looks like a chain, it is not a good sign. You can be patient with stomach problems, liver problems, and miss other stomach problems.

2. If your health line is in the shape of an island then you may be a lung patient.

3. If the Healthline has a square shape at the end, you may be suffering from asthma.

4. If the health line appears in different colours, then this may be a sign of paralysis.

5. If your health line crosses the heart line then you may have to face the problem of epilepsy.

6. With the help of your health line, you can know the future of your health. If you do not have a health line in your hands then it is good for you. You will be liberated from any kind of disease.

7. If your health line is very clear and long, you like to live forever. Happily, your mind is very efficient, and your interest is in business.

If your health line touches anywhere on your life line, it is very bad for you. You may fall prey to some serious disease, and it can steal your life too. We have many more lines in our hands. If your health line is not good, you will be very lazy and unproductive.


It is a miracle to tell something about someone by just looking at the hand. Palmistry is a science that solves every problem; Not only this, but it also tells a lot about your health. It is also elementary to learn this knowledge and in today’s modern era when the awareness of health is increasing. There are many palmistry Astrologers in India whom you can learn about it. Palmistry will give you a solution to your every disease and it can cure your every disease. A palmist will tell you some things or ask you to wear some stones, and this remedy is very beneficial.



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