Cancer (कर्क) – 2021:

Cancer Crab

Focus:  Overall Improvement   2021 will be full of energy and good vibes for Cancer natives. You shall surge ahead of your competitors in every field. A change in outlook and personality is also very likely. There can be a temporary change of place or job. The beginning of 2021 is wonderful for career and business. […]

LEO (सिंह) – 2021:

Leo Lion

Focus: Health & Travel   Luck will favour Leo throughout 2021, and you will go on several trips frequently. You will be blessed with happiness and prosperity. Moreover, your past efforts shall be rewarded. You will finally find solutions to your problems. Altogether, finances will remain stable for Leo in 2021. At times, expenses will exceed […]


Jupiter transits from Sagittarius to Capricorn on 20th November 2020. This is no ordinary transit. Jupiter is debilitated in the Capricorn sign. But this time it conjuncts Saturn there – which sits in its own sign. This will create Neecha Bhanga Raj Yog; wherein the debilitation of Jupiter gets cancelled to a great extent. Thus […]