Vastu Tips for students

Nothing can replace hard work for success in examinations. Students work hard day and night to get good marks. But many times, they do not get success despite their efforts. the surrounding environment and energies play a vital role in studying with concentration and focus. The reason behind this could be faulty Vastu in the house and the student’s study area. So, here are some astrological remedies and Vastu tips one can adopt to achieve good results in exams.

Vastu Directions:

  • West is an ideal direction for the study room; especially if students habitually study in the evening. The next best options are East and North-East directions (especially for those habituated to studying in the morning). These are directions for increasing mental brilliance and knowledge.
  • Do not have a study room in the South-East or North-West direction. Here, the mind of the student will get distracted easily. Children generally get cranky or irritated when told to study in this direction. If the study room is in the South direction, the child tends to waste time in playful or other time-pass activities. 
  • While studying, the students should face the east or north direction. This will increase their memory power and enthusiasm for studies. Facing south or west will reduce focus and also tire the student quickly.

Vastu-compliant Room:

Study table:

  • A square or rectangular-shaped study table is ideal for children. Avoid round study tables. The study table should not face a blank wall. This will restrict creative thinking.
  • The study room should be well lit and well ventilated.
  • There should not be a window directly in front of the study table.
  • Keep the study table some inches (at least an inch) away from the wall.
  • The study table should not be placed below a beam. Nor should there be a door behind the child while studying.

Electronics & Gadgets:

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  • Avoid keeping too many gadgets in the child’s room. Too many electronic gadgets in the study room can hamper the creativity of the student and suppress his intellectual growth.
  • South-East is the ideal direction to place a table lamp. This will increase the student’s attentiveness power. This direction is also suitable to place a computer or a laptop.
  • The light should be in front of the study table. The shadow of the student should not fall on the books while studying.

Vastu Tips for placement of things:

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  • Do not place a bookshelf over or above the study table.
  • The best directions for placing a bookcase in the study room are east and north. If books are kept in the South-West corner, then they shall remain untouched.
  • To increase memory, plant saplings in the northeast corner of the room.
  • Keep a globe on the study table and move it sometimes.
  • Place certificates, medals or trophies on the Southern wall of the study room.

Vastu Colors:



  • Avoid using too much red colour in children’s rooms or furniture. Shades of green and blue are ideal for children’s rooms.


  • White, sky blue, warm beige or light green colours are ideal for the walls of the study room.

Vastu Tips & Remedies:

  • Keep an aquarium with 8 red and 1 black fish in the North-East direction of the study room. This will help in enhancing knowledge.

  • Place a charged pyramid in the North-East direction on the reading table. This will give excellent results.
  • Put a picture of a waterfall, ocean, Devi Saraswati or Lord Ganapati on the East or North wall of the study room. Saraswati Yantra can also be placed on the study table or near the bedside. This will improve concentration.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do not keep any storage in the study room – this will divide attention.
  • Do not hang mirrors in the study room. Nor should one have a TV, or video games in this room.
  • Try not to sit facing a wall while studying, since it blocks the positive energy. Division or solid support should be on the back of the student.
  • The study table should be clear of all clutter such as unused pens, broken pencils, torn books, etc. Also, do not place footwear under the study table. Keep only those books which you are studying on the table.
  • Never study lying down or on a bed.


No remedy is a substitute for hard work. One has to put in his best efforts to achieve success.


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  1. What a fantastic post! I have observed your remedies are so simple and yet so effective. Thanks a ton for this useful info.

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