Aquarius natives have a strong physique, a well-formed body, a prominent forehead and a noble demeanour. They are pleasant people with happy dispositions but serious facial expressions. Though they are friendly people, they can be very choosy while selecting close friends. They live in their own world of powerful thoughts; they may seem eccentric and paradoxical to others. Actually, they strongly feel that they are different and above the rest. They prefer to keep away from confrontations and conflicts. Basically, they are private individuals and do not like to share their feelings with others. They can be egoistic at times and can have a real bad temper. Also, they are very observant and notice even the minutest details. They value their privacy and freedom a lot.


Aquarius have a very fertile imagination and innovative mind. They think out of the box and can come up with seemingly crazy but absolutely progressive and logical ideas. Furthermore, they are clear-minded people and know exactly what they want from life. They can read others’ minds very easily. Aquarians have very strong likes and dislikes. They are very selfless persons with a humanitarian outlook. Also, they can speak their mind without any fear. They are convinced of their own thoughts and actions and don’t really care much about what others think or do. They aspire to change the world and make it a better place. No one can control or dominate an Aquarian.

love life TaurusLOVE LIFE:

Aquarians are often attracted to partners who are self-confident and ardent. They believe in transparent and honest relationships. Their need for personal space is often misunderstood as to their aloofness in a relationship. They hate being tied down; their freedom is very important to them. They are however very generous and sympathetic towards their partners. Communication is very important to them to maintain a lasting bond. Very often their friendships bloom into romantic relationships. They are not very good at expressing their emotions. A breakup can really break them up.


Aquarians can be very choosy when it comes to choosing a life partner. They maintain very mature relations with their spouse and are quite accommodating of their opinions. Though, they are not very open with their emotions. They normally have dominating partners. Aquarians are ready to compromise to keep their marital life peaceful and happy. They are quite strict parents and tend to bring up their children in the most disciplined yet friendly manner. Though, they may not show it, they dearly and deeply love their families. They can be sociable too – entertaining friends and guests.

Office workCAREER:

Aquarians can make great academics and philosophers. They make very good advisors and counsellors. These people are more of thinkers than go-getters. They have the potential to be innovators, scientists, researchers, etc. Mundane and routine jobs are a big NO-NO for them. They need employment that gives them a chance and complete freedom to optimally utilize their creative and focused strategies in problem-solving. They make very good planners and organizers. A career in which they are in contact with the public is good for them. Engineering fields and research work attract them.


Colours: Navy Blue, Yellow

Metals: Gold

Gems: Blue Sapphire (नीलम) *

Age of commencement of Luck: 48

Best Remedy: Always keep a silver piece/ball with yourself.

Mantra: | ॐ ह्रीं ऎं क्लीं श्रीं | – | Om Hreeng Aing Kleeng Shreeng |

( * Please refer to the Astrologer before buying the gems.)

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