Pisces natives are very refined, pleasing and delightful personalities. They tend to have a pleasantly plump body and the most expressive and hypnotic eyes! Many Pisceans have dimples. They have an irresistible charm. Interestingly, they are very sensitive and emotional people and avid daydreamers. Moreover, they can be quite enigmatic personalities. These people tend to live in their own world. Their charming manner and innocent smile are enough to sweep anyone off his feet. They are kind and sympathetic souls. Pisceans are likely to remain confused most of the time. Surely, they need to work upon their self-confidence.


Pisces strongly believe in going with the flow. They are like sponges who absorb emotions, impressions and ideas very quickly and can easily adapt themselves to any changes in their environment. In general, they are very patient and peace-loving people. They think with their hearts. Also, they are very moody and unpredictable. They are very friendly and helpful by nature. No wonder, they are good listeners and soothing speakers. They can be very spiritually oriented. Many times they find themselves caught between materialism and mysticism.

Gemini romanceLOVE LIFE:

Pisces are hopeless romantics; they love the idea of being in love. No wonder, they are very vulnerable – emotionally and need a partner who is reliable and down to earth by nature. For sure, they are ready to give all in love. When they love, they do so wholeheartedly. Casual affairs and flings are a no-no to them; for them, love is a spiritual connection. They easily take on the personality of their partners. These natives are very sensitive to the needs of their partners. What’s more, they can come up with imaginative ideas to woo their mates. And they need constant reassurance in love. No one can be a more perfect lover than Pisces.


These dreamy people need a practical and realistic partner. They strive to keep their domestic life happy and full of love. Pisces are well suited for marital life and make the most caring and endearing life partner. They just love to entertain friends at home. Undoubtedly, they make great spouses, completely devoted to their family and children. They make extremely caring, loving and supportive parents. Moreover, they encourage their children to participate in extracurricular creative pursuits. They find it really difficult to be strict with their offspring. In fact, they are never ever annoyed with their antics and mischief.


Pisces are not materially motivated; they earn money intuitively and instinctively. These people excel in artistic and creative endeavours. Obviously, they make good writers, poets, musicians, dancers, actors, photographers, fashion designers, etc. Besides, they would do well in service-related careers like psychology, counselling, teaching, nursing, advertising, catering, law, hospital management and social services. They are happiest working alone or being self-employed. Also, they can make good healers and spiritual preachers.


Colours: Green, White

Metals: Gold

Gems: Yellow Sapphire (पुखराज)*

Age of commencement of Luck: 21

Best Remedy: Take the blessing of guru (teachers)/parents before beginning any new work.

Mantra: | ॐ ह्रीं क्लीं सौः | – | Om Hreeng Kleeng Sauh |

( * Please refer to the Astrologer before buying the gems.)

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