Birth Time and Personality

Your birth time speaks a lot about your personality traits, your nature and your temperament. Besides, time of birth is of great significance in Astrology too – it decides your Ascendant, as well as placements and degrees of planets in the horoscope. The Ascendant is a reflection of one’s personality.


So let us see how your birth time influences your personality:


Midnight 12 to 2 am:

You seek mobility and variety. There is an inborn thirst for knowledge within you. In fact, you just need to be aware of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE! However, you wouldn’t like to reveal much about your personality. You have a very sharp mind and can grasp things quickly. Family and friends circle is very important to you; you are very sociable, yet reserved by nature. You are greatly influenced by your surroundings. Career-wise, you are likely to gain fame in the television or film industry or in communication fields. Most of you would venture out in the world to make a name for yourself in your mid-twenties. In the long run, you would be a self-made person.



2 am to 4 am:

You are born for a luxurious life. Moreover, you are sweet-tongued and know how to bring people around to do things you want them to do. Good food, plush villas and swanky cars – is all you desire – and get! You are destined to realize all your materialistic desires. You can be a very successful entrepreneur. No wonder, you shall earn a lot of money by your own dint. Anything new and beautiful excites you. Outdoor activities appeal to you; you need to be in touch with nature now and then to replenish your ethereal energies. Success comes easily to you. You shall get lucky around the age of 24-27 years.


4 am to 6 am:

You are a robust personality – in appearance as well as in action. Furthermore, you are blessed with good constitutions and oodles of self-confidence. Challenges motivate you. Public appreciation and power are very vital to you. You like to be the center of attention – always! And, this is not without a reason; you have strong leadership qualities to match. No wonder, most of you opt for a career in the Defense or Police Services. You like things straight and honest; no beating around the bush for you. You can be very stubborn once your mind is made up.





6 am to 8 am: 

You are a born leader and have the power to change situations – for good or bad. People find your personality mysterious. You never reveal your true self easily. Besides, you do have the instinct to dominate others. The constant need to excel and be accepted pushes you to set and achieve impossible goals. Life brings sudden twists and turns for you – which makes you a stronger person. Though, the rough patches of life sometimes build up a lot of anger or anguish within you. You must train your mind to see the positive aspects of things and move on to new horizons. It is important for you to keep your mind cool.



8 am to 10 am:

You are a philosopher at heart. Inner peace is very important to you; you move away from confrontations and conflicts. You have a ‘live and let live attitude. Nevertheless, you can be very stubborn if you wish to. You are a very sociable person and are very sensitive to and conscious of other people’s needs. People know you for your friendliness; you can easily get along with people of different age groups, cultures and views. Profession-wise, you are most suited to a public career. You shall enjoy a good reputation as a political leader or a social crusader. Your luck lies in lands away from your birthplace.




10 am to 12 noon:

You are an outgoing personality with an optimistic outlook on life. At the same time, self-discipline is very important to you. You are a sensitive person and your own worst critic. Since you are very clear about your strengths, weaknesses and aims, no one can stop you from achieving what you want, once you set your mind on it. You are a natural leader and people tend to follow you instinctively. Recognition and appreciation act as catalysts in motivating you towards your goals. Your efforts are often rewarded; hence you generally reach high positions and earn enough wealth to live a very comfortable life. You would do well in artistic fields.


12 noon to 2 pm

You are an energetic and creative person. You are very ambitious and responsible. Generally speaking, you are very clear about what you want from life and are ready to go to any limits to achieve your goals. With your persistent efforts, you shall soon have many sources of income opening up for you. You love traveling. You shall prosper in a place away from your birth land. Probably, you may marry someone there. You shall make a confident and successful businessman. Besides this, you also have great teaching skills and can make a good coach/guide/counselor. Your luck shall favor you tremendously after you cross 30 years of age.



2 pm to 4 pm:

You have an innate sense of curiosity coupled with excellent quality to enjoy the good things of life. What a spirited and spontaneous person you are! You prefer to live a vivacious life full of adventures and surprises. Challenges motivate and push you to achieve the impossible. You do not like defeats and setbacks. Though, you will have a fair share of ups and downs in life. You shall do well in careers related to finance, funds, accounting, banking, etc.  Getting along well with others comes easy to you due to your flexible and straightforward nature. Your determined and optimistic outlook helps you cross the hurdles of life easily.



4 pm to 6 pm

You are an emotional person and believe strongly in love. You may not express your emotions openly, but you are quite sensitive to everything around you. Generally, you are innocent, sweet-natured and caring people. Life teaches you harsh lessons at a very young age. This actually helps you to develop an optimistic and realistic approach to life. You are very protective of your near and dear ones. You understand relations very well and make great efforts towards nurturing them. Counseling and teaching others come naturally to you. You should choose a career in which you have direct contact with the masses. Keep away from litigation matters.



6 pm to 8 pm:

You are an easy-going person and bond well with people.  You are sympathetic to others’ needs and sorrows. No wonder, people are instinctively drawn towards you. You can easily sense and understand how others are feeling. Your sunny disposition and ability to coordinate and manage effectively make you a popular leader. Though, you forget your own interests while solving others’ problems. Being around stressful environments can be taxing on your nervous system. You need to be attentive to your own needs as well. Every new day is a new experience for you. You shall find success in foreign lands. Working with cooperative ventures would suit you.



8 pm to 10 pm:

Your confident and dominant attitude is visible right from your childhood. Nonetheless, you are a joyful and self-reliant person. You have strong leadership qualities. No wonder, you seek perfection in whatever you do. You are highly skilled and artistically creative. Once you set a goal or a strategy, you stick to it till the end. Nothing is left half done by you. Your happiness lies in helping others. You are known for your kindheartedness and friendliness. It is not surprising that you achieve wealth, name, fame and contentment. You can very well turn your hobby or interest into a successful business. You are generally lucky in matters of the heart.



10 pm to 12 midnight:

You are future-oriented and always on the outlook for new things. You are joyful at heart and inner peace is very important to you. A serene environment is very vital for you to maintain mental equilibrium. You are normally punctual and always keep your word. Generally, you are very image-conscious. The curious combination of competence and caution keeps you balanced. Being an ambitious person, you take efforts to plan for a secure and comfortable future.  Nothing is impossible for you, thanks to your tenacity and perseverance. You are highly successful and prosperous in your professional life. You are usually lucky in matters of ancestral properties and fixed assets.

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  1. Absolutely. Even my individual prediction from Ms. Bella have stayed similar notes. Your predictions always hit Bill’s eye. And this generalised article is a living proof. Totally relatable.

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