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Good Luck follows good habits. As discussed in the previous post, actions produce merit and demerit in the form of habits (saṃskāras) to repeat similar actions in the future. You can, of course, use your free will to break off from your bad habits and improve your karma. This in turn will unlock the benefic outcomes of the planets and thus change your luck.

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So, let us see how changing some more of your habits can actually enhance your luck:

Do not keep plants in the house if you cannot care for them personally. Plants should be treated with great tenderness and care. When you personally water the plants, you are actually doing remedies for Sun, Moon and Mercury. This is also a therapeutic remedy for depression and anxiety.


Are you not getting a desirable job or a deserving promotion in spite of being qualified or eligible? Do you sleep late in the night? If so, change your habit soon. Sleep early and try to wake up before sunrise. If possible, spend some time gazing at the rising sun. You shall soon have some good news.

Many people have the habit of signing their names on paper – many times, just for fun. Please stop this habit immediately; or you may soon find yourself in debt.


Are you facing problems from your adversaries and competitors? Stop throwing around your shoes and slippers. Wash your socks daily. Arrange your footwear in a proper manner and place.

Always refill your salt container every Friday. Also, sweep the floor with rock salt mixed water. You will not only be able to clear your pending dues and debts, but also be able to improve your status as well.


Keep all income or earned cash untouched for at least 24 hours when you get it. This will help to reduce your extravagant and wasteful expenditures. 


Avoid taking a loan from anyone on Tuesday of any month. You may otherwise have to face difficulties in repaying that loan increases.

giving loanAvoid giving a loan on Wednesday of any month. Otherwise, it is very likely that either there will be an inordinate delay in getting the repayment or the amount will never come back to you.

Here is a very good habit you should adopt to improve your financial condition. Regularly donate a small percentage of your income to the needed people – preferably on a Thursday. It doesn’t matter whether it is 1% or 10% – as long as you wish to help the underprivileged.

If you are facing financial problems or repeated failures due to Rahu, break a coconut every Saturday. Women may instead offer coconut in the temple.



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  1. This was really informative. I am definitely going to bring my habits in sync with these gems. Thank you so much for sharing such informational content

  2. Thank you so much for the unknown store of information, it was really useful and stirred our brains as to what all we are doing now. Be Blessed!

    I have not received the posting of the FIRST part of the Posting. Can you please send me? I would love to read it.

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