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Vaastu Shastra evolved during the Vedic period in India. It is a part of the Atharva Veda. Vastu Shastra is a science as well as an art.  It endeavours to harness the energies of the Panch Tatwas viz the five essential elements of nature which play a vital role in architecture and designing homes and offices. The basic purpose and principle of Vaastu Shastra are to help human beings live healthy, prosperous and balanced life.


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Undoubtedly, Vaastu is one of the important limbs of Vedic Astrology. Just as Astrology considers nine planets; so also there are nine directions in Vaastu. Each planet rules a particular direction. If you visit a Hindu temple, you will notice the idols of the navagrahas ie. the 9 planets placed facing the directions that they rule.




The nine directions in Vaastu are East, West, North, South, North-East, North-West, South-East, South-West and the Central part also known as Brahma Sthala. Each direction has a specific significance. Furthermore, every direction is ruled by a specific deity and is dominated by a particular tatwa or element. Only when the five elements are in perfect harmony does life move in a balanced and harmonious manner.


JUPITER RULES THE NORTH-EAST (ईशान कोण), while SHIVA is its guardian. The northeast is the direction of Divinity; it is the most sacred corner of a house. No doubt, a Vastu-compliant Northeast Corner ensures peace, harmony and tranquillity in domestic life.

  • It is auspicious to have the main door or main gate of the house in the Northeast direction.
  • This is the best corner to have a personal place of worship/meditation or a small family temple.
  • It is propitious to have big and wide windows on the North-Eastern wall.
  • The North-East corner should be kept very neat and clean. Avoid all clutter here. Sweep the floor with salt water at least thrice a week.
  • Ideally, the North-East corner is more suitable for children and senior citizens. Married couples should avoid their bedroom here. One can also have a study room or a living room here. Having a big hall or verandah in the northeast gives very auspicious results.
  • Do not keep heavy articles in the North-East corner of the house nor crowd this area. This may cause your children to lose their interest in studies. It results in the restlessness of the mind
  • Unmarried girls should not sleep in a bedroom located in the North-East corner of the house; it may delay their marriage. They may have to face health problems too.
  • Do not construct toilets in this corner. This may result in extreme misery and misfortune.
  • Containers or pots of drinking water and water filters should ideally be placed in the North-East corner. Keeping clay articles in this direction helps get rid of various problems.
  • Keeping herbs or medicines in the Northeast side of the house enhances their efficacy and potency.
  • The Northeast direction is the most sacred, so one can also have a place of worship, a puja room here. In fact, meditation, yoga or spiritual activities should be done here.

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