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The South-West direction is an important direction in Vaastu. This corner has maximum magnetic energy. That is why Vastu experts advise to keep money in this direction. According to Vastu shastra, the South-West direction provides stability in life, whether it is relationships or financial matters. Any defect in this corner increases the fear of enemies and accidents. Having a toilet in this corner is also considered as Pitru Dosh.





Vaastu is one of the important limbs of Vedic Astrology. Just as Astrology considers nine planets; so also there are nine directions in Vaastu. Each planet rules a particular direction. If you visit a Hindu temple, you will notice that idols of the navagrahas ie. the 9 planets face the directions that they rule.



Vastu Purush


The nine directions considered in Vaastu are East, West, North, South, North-East, North-West, South-East, South-West and the Central part also known as Brahma Sthala. Each direction has a specific significance. A specific deity rules and a particular tatwa or element dominates every direction. It is only when the five elements are in perfect harmony that life moves in a balanced and harmonious manner.


RAHU AND KAMA (CUPID) are the rulers of the SOUTH-WEST DIRECTION (नैऋत्य कोण). The Earth element is strong in this area. Hence placing plants in this region helps in alleviating the negative effects, if any.


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  • Preferably avoid having the main door of the house in the South-West corner.
  • The earth element is predominant in the southwest corner. Hence, the South West corner of the house should be higher and heavier than the remaining portions of the house.
  • If the South West corner is open or at a lower level, then such a house may see some losses or thefts.
  • There should be no water source or storage nor a kitchen in the South West corner of the house. This would result in the ill health of the head of the house.
  • The South-West corner is the preferred area for a master bedroom or room for parents. A person sleeping in a bedroom increases his working skills continuously and his family relations also remain better. This direction is not good for children’s rooms.
  • This direction is ideal to have a Storeroom. One can place heavy furniture too in this corner.
  • Pictures of ancestors can be placed on the South-West wall of the Living / Drawing Room.
  • If there is a toilet in the South-West corner of the house, make sure to keep it closed all the time.
  • If there is an empty space, pits or trees with thorns in the Southwest corner, then there will be constant illness in the house and trouble from enemies. There is no economic prosperity.
  • There should never be darkness in the Southwest corner of the house.
  • If the main door of your shop is in the South West direction, then display the best selling or most special item of your shop at the door. This will attract more customers to your shop.
  • It is considered auspicious to keep water and salt in the South-West direction.


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