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So you have finally decided to buy yourself a car! It surely has to be a car of your choice – of your favorite color and design. Choosing which color car should you purchase is a very emotional and personal decision. Each one of us has our favorite colors. We must remember that colors do have an impact on our lives. Every color vibrates to a different frequency. You feel most comfortable and secure when the colour frequencies vibe well with your own. A car of a favourable colour can bring you luck and prove to be a life-long companion to you.

Hence, it would be wise to choose a colour that is favourable and in sync with you.






The position and strength of Venus in your birth chart have an answer to this question. If Venus sits in your fourth house or is in an exalted state, then you will surely own a car or cars. Similarly, if the fourth lord is well placed/is exalted/is aspected by Venus or benefic planets, then too you shall own a car/vehicle. One should also consider the position and aspects of Rahu (North Node), Mars and Eighth lord too before purchasing a car; adverse placements of these planets can result in accidents and untoward incidents. 


Now, let’s understand the colour therapy related to vehicles


  • white color car White-coloured cars are the least accident-prone and also have fewer breakdowns. But it surely is a high-maintenance car. Just keep in mind to use the best glasses in your car.

  • Preferably avoid sky blue coloured cars; otherwise, you shall be regularly visiting the garages! You will always have something or the other to repair/replace– howsoever small.

  • Purchase a red colour car ONLY if you have enough patience and time. Yes, there are two reasons for this. Firstly, this car is going to require a lot of pampering. Secondly, when in a red car, you shall be prone to drive fast or rashly. Be sure of getting many speeding tickets!

  • Be a bit cautious while purchasing a grey-coloured car. If it runs well and gives no problems for the first six months, then it will never ever trouble you. It will be yours for keeps! However, if you experience any kind of problems – even personal ones such as fall in health, mental stress, etc. then sell it immediately. It is not suitable for you.

  • Keep away from brown-coloured cars – always. This colour is favourable to very few people. Capricorns can purchase a brown colour car with no inhibition. 

  • black carYou should be very very careful while choosing a black colour car. No doubt, the black colour looks very elegant and formal. One study concluded that black cars are 47% more likely to be involved in road accidents than vehicles of other colours.

  • Silver-coloured cars are considered very safe. They are 50 %less likely to be involved in a serious accident as compared to white cars. They are also the ‘most likely to be stolen’ cars!

  • Gold-coloured cars symbolize power, affluence, optimism and prosperity. It enhances the sense of self-esteem and grandeur. Gold is the colour of a winner!

Caution: These are general results. Do get your horoscope analyzed for the best results.



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  1. My name is Channakeshav, I want to buy a car, what color should I buy and what is my car number, why should I do duty please help me 🙏😭🙏🙏

  2. Hi thankyou for knowledge. Lot of times in life you need a vehicle and don’t have choice to make, we all have to adjust in whatever the ride is provided to us. Regardless of color, etc. I believe take god’s name, respect it, mantain it, and ride, whatever provided ? Any other remedies do provide

    1. You are absolutely right; sometimes, we have no choice. Still, we can try to choose from a favourable colour range – the one that is compatible with us. Do take the first trip to a temple of Ganapati or Hanumanji and avoid bringing in the new vehicle on a Saturday. All the best.

  3. My details are as below, could you please help me which color car would suits me.
    Name : Mahesha K
    DOB: 26th-12-1992
    Timings: not known exact time but between(12.30 pm to 1.30 pm)

    Colours Preferred :
    Midtown grey

    Thanks in advance

    1. Please consider her zodiac sign then. But you can also purchase the car in accordance with the lucky colours for the person who will be driving the car.

  4. I’m Kanya Rashi, date of birth 14/July. Which car colour is suitable for me?
    Previously I used red colour scooty (no any problem& all fine)

    1. Hi Shanthi. The red-coloured scooty did not give you any problems – that is good news. However, we do not recommend RED colour vehicles to be used by Kanya Rashi. Of course, much depends upon individual charts.

  5. Hi, I am an Aquarius ascendant, having Moon in Gemini Sign and Sun in Scorpio, I am planning to buy a car. I have the below list of options to choose from
    1. Grey
    2. Ocean Blue
    3. Gold
    4. Red

    I have ordered Gold, will it suit? If not which colour shall I choose, please guide.


  6. I would like to know which color and lucky no. I have to choose as per my date of 7th Apr 2021, my sign is Kumbha

  7. My moon sign is Taurus and ascendant is Aquarius, DOB is 11-11-1984, which car colour should I choose – BLUE/WHITE/SILVER

  8. My name is Rabi Ranjan Rathor and dob is 12 March 1989, which color car is best for me. I have already booked moon light silver. Please suggest.

  9. Hi my libra astrology and i have been using magney gray colour car it is better for me or not can u please me tell me

  10. Nice and useful information sie, I need your advice on car color which I should buy, I am scorpion and having 21st Feb as birth date.
    Below are colors which j am confused with.

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