Colors and personality

COLORS play a very important role in our lives. They affect our environment, moods, emotions and health. Ancient civilizations had explored the significance of colors long back; not surprisingly, they put it to the most remarkable uses to get amazing results.

Ancient Egyptian physicians are known to use colour therapy; they focused the sun’s light through coloured glass to penetrate the body in specific locations.  Even then, practitioners were aware that the body needed certain colours in order to stay healthy. Moreover, Ayurveda too speaks about the Chakras – vital points in the energy body which vibrate at specific colour frequencies. Focused colour healing on these points can restore the body to its energetic harmonious system.

Colours have such a powerful influence on us that it has a major say on practically all the choices we make – be it our favourite food, our clothes, our vehicles, etc. Colours evoke an emotional and physiological response in us. Astrology believes that it is the main planet in your horoscope that decides which colour you like and which you don’t. Your horoscope also reveals which colours are beneficial to you and which are not.

RED:       People who like the colour red usually have strong personalities with a robust attitude. Not surprisingly, they have an adventurous nature and believe in living life to the fullest. Such people are generally optimistic, enthusiastic and philanthropic. They like being in the limelight; they love power and generally occupy positions of authority in their careers.

ORANGE     People who love the colour orange are good-tempered, tolerant and caring. They are quite ambitious, peace-loving and hardworking; however, they however dislike arguments. Nothing scares them; after all, they are born leaders. Such persons generally have a very eventful life. They are quite motivated, enthusiastic and prefer looking at the bright side of life.

YELLOW:          People who love the colour Yellow are generally intelligent, gentle and generous. They possess a forceful character and a scientific mind. There is a method even in their madness. They are quite moody, enthusiastic and opportunist. Such people are wise and of the creative mind. They are also fond of frequent changes.

GOLD               A person who loves the golden colour is surely highly intuitive and gets to the depth of things. Such people can easily see through others. They generally have a deeper understanding of life. They are charming personalities and exude confidence and magnetism. People tend to gravitate towards their positive nature and soothing aura.

GREEN              People who love the colour green are generally quick, methodical, even-tempered and have a well-balanced outlook. They can adapt themselves well to their surrounding environments and circumstances. Generally, they are slow to anger and have restrained thoughtfulness. Such people are quite sentimental, sympathetic and social. These people remain youthful for a long time.

BLUE      People who love the colour blue are generally sensitive and expressive. They are very moody and have a changeable nature. Such people make friends very easily. They have a harmonious nature with a desire to get happiness in all spheres. They are fond of comforts and the good things of life. Sometimes, they tend to be a bit lazy.

VIOLET:                People who like the colour violet have great literary and artistic tastes. They have a very good imagination and a creative mind. Self-respect is very important to them. They are easily drawn towards the occult, mystical knowledge, meditation and spiritualism. Such people prefer a calm and tranquil life.

WHITE                People who like the colour white have clear minds and are least affected by worldly matters. Their thoughts are pure, reflective and serene; they would rather surrender or compromise than get involved in confrontations. Nothing ever is out of place in their lives, they are the most organized people.



BLACK:                  Black is a colour of formality and convention. People who like black colour are trustworthy and dignified. They strongly believe in self-control, discipline and independence. It is not difficult for them to exercise restraint over themselves or others. Such people command respect for themselves. Nonetheless, they can work incredibly hard to achieve their dreams.

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