Rudraksha has always been held in high reverence.  It is considered divine in India and Nepal. It takes its name from ‘Rudra’ which is another name of Lord Shiva. Rudraksha have always held an important place in Vedic Astrology and spirituality since ancient times.

Rudraksha has multifaceted properties of healing the body, mind, psychological and emotional issues.  It is also used as a remedy for eliminating/reducing the malefic effects of planets in one’s horoscope. Rudraksha beads are believed to provide a kind of protective energy for the wearer; they are able to cocoon them from the various circumstances, places and individuals they encounter in their day-to-day life.



Today, I present here some of the benefits of Rudraksha that one can use in daily life:
  • Chronic cough and phlegm:   Rub a Rudraksha and a dry Tulsi stem with water. Extract pastes of both. Mix this combined paste with a teaspoon of honey. If taken regularly for 3 months, your chronic cough will vanish.
  • Eyesight:   Hold a Rudraksha to your eye level in front of the rising Sun. Gaze at it for 20-30 seconds. Then touch it to both the eyelids. This, when done for 3 months on a regular basis, not only improves eyesight but also cures early stage of cataract.
  • Conjunctivitis:  Keeping Rudraksha in a pot of water for at least four hours energizes it. This water can be used as eye drops. These prove to be very soothing to those suffering from burning eyes or conjunctivitis.
  • Constant fever:   If you baby is suffering from constant fever, tie a 3 faced (3 Mukhi) Rudraksha around his neck.
  • Stammering:    If your child stammers, boil two 4 faced (4 Mukhi) Rudraksha in milk. Cool it a bit and let him drink before going to bed. Follow this for three months for effective results. Do not forget to remove the Rudraksha from milk and wash it properly for next use.
  • Weak memory:   Those suffering from weak memory should boil 4 faced (4 Mukhi) Rudraksha in milk and drink it. This is good especially for students and older people.
  • Vaastu Dosha:  If you are facing problems in life due to a Vaastu or Nazar Dosha, make a Bandanwar (decorative door hanging) with 54 or 108 big sized Rudraksha seeds and hang it inside the main door. This will remove all the negative impact and energies from the house.