Rudraksha has been used in India since times immemorial for its therapeutic, medicinal, astrological and spiritual significance. Rudraksha actually refers to the seed of the tree which goes by the same name. The scientific name of Rudraksha is  Elaeocarpus ganitrus. There was a time when these beads were very popular in India – people of all ages, sex and groups wore them in the form of malas and bracelets.


In one of the best-known research papers published by Dr. Subhas Rai of the prestigious IIT, Banaras, Dr. Rai has confirmed that Rudraksha beads have potent electromagnetic, paramagnetic and inductive properties. These very properties endow healing powers to the beads.

Uniquely, there are no do’s and don’t’s for wearing a Rudraksha bead or mala. Anyone can wear them – irrespective of age, sex, religion, caste or creed. Similarly, one can wear it all the time. For safety purposes, one may remove it while sleeping (to prevent cracking) and bathing (if using chemical soaps and shampoos).

Benefits of Rudraksha:

power of rudraksha

  • Rudraksha beads provide a kind of protective cocoon to the wearer and safeguard them from various adverse circumstances and negative energies they may come across in their daily lives. For this reason, the wandering sadhus, sanyasis and travellers wear these beads.
  • It is not only an antacid, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, anti-gout, antioxidant but is also a muscle relaxant and anti-depressant in properties. Hence the body of a regular wearer remains free from diseases.
  • The beads are helpful in stabilizing blood pressure. It also regulates heartbeats.
  • It reduces headaches and is beneficial in treating mental disorders. Moreover, it is possible to control and manage Epilepsy too with the help of Rudraksha.
  • Wearing Rudraksha on the arm also helps in preventing a paralytic attack.
  • Tying a cord or thread containing 3 to 5 Rudraksha on the waist helps in alleviating back pain.
  • Similarly, it also helps in calming the mind and increasing concentration. It is very useful for those who are suffering from hypertension or depression.
  • Some particular beads have the power to revive stagnant business, acquire much-deserved promotions and bring all-around success. Wearing a Rudraksha Mala bestows one with Riddhi, psychic powers and prosperity.
  • Moreover, the beads also reduce the adverse effects which malefic planets indicate in a horoscope.
  • It helps to increase willpower and nurtures the mind to align itself to positivity. Besides, it calms the movement of energy in the Chakras and gives a tranquil feeling of peace.
  • In addition, these beads confer freedom from past karmas. It opens the heart and mind to superior wisdom; thereby unravelling one’s purpose in life more clearly.

Rudraksha berries




The Rudraksha tree is of Indonesian and Nepalese origin. It somehow found its way to India and flourished well in the hilly regions of Uttaranchal. One can visit their orchard which was developed and managed by Shri Shivdas Moolchand Khatri. This farm is situated on the Dehradun-Mussoorie road behind the Shri Prakasheshwar Temple.

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  1. For good speech with boldness, clarity and a voice of authority, to impress, use Rudraksha dipped at night in water in a silver cup, early morning, on an empty stomach, drink that water, wipe the Rudraksha clean with a cloth and keep it in a safe place. Your energy level increases, memory too and shall be bubbling with activity.

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