So finally after 30 years, Saturn transit to its own sign, Aquarius!


Saturn is the lord of karma. It judges and gives results of your karma (deeds).  Also, it is a great taskmaster. It creates situations which push you to go beyond your own limits – thereby discovering your own hidden strengths.


Saturn transited to Aquarius on 17th January 2023 to stay there till 29th March 2025. It will remain in the combust state from 30th January at 12:02 am to 11:36 pm and after that from 17 June 2023 at 10:48 pm, it will retrograde. On 4th November 2023 at 8:26 am it will again come in direct motion. Saturn remains in Aquarius till March 29, 2025; after that Saturn will again visit Pisces.  


This Saturn transit will be able to make a significant impact on the lives of the natives of all the 12 zodiac signs. With this transit, Sade Sati begins for Pisces; Aquarius will begin their second phase of Sade Sati, while the third phase begins for Capricorn.



Let us see how this Saturn transit will affect each sign:




This Saturn transit will be beneficial to Aries; though you may face some difficulties in the mid of the year. You will have the opportunity to work towards your highest aspirations – be it money, a big house, a good partner, etc. At the same time, be careful. You may become the victim of fraud.


Your past efforts shall be suitably rewarded. You shall be able to achieve your targets. Your hard work and dedication will bring your rewards and recognition. Promotion or change to a better job is possible. You may get a career opportunity that you have been thinking about for a long time. New connections will prove helpful when you need them. This Saturn transit is favourable for social networking.


A sudden gain of wealth is very likely. You can expect an increase in income. Money will flow in from more than one source. However, expenses will rise too. You may lose some money due to theft or cheating. Do not lend money to anyone.


Businessmen shall benefit and get new deals. Travelling can take place in connection with business. It will be beneficial for partnership businesses.


New love can come your way. However, the relationship may be troublesome. Domestic peace may be disturbed. Avoid cheating or ditching your partner. The relationship with in-laws will see ups and downs. Those planning a child shall be successful. You will get the desired support from your friends. But beware – some wrong friends can misguide you.


You would remain physically fit. Yet, do not ignore any health issue, howsoever minor it may seem. Headaches, low backaches and pain in the legs may cause inconvenience. Those suffering from heart-related issues should focus on their food habits.

Long-distance journeys will be fruitful.  Students wishing to go abroad for education shall succeed in doing so.




Taurus, this Saturn transit brings you an auspicious and life-changing phase. It will bless your career in many ways. But remember: He is a hard taskmaster. Responsibilities will increase too. This is the right time to concentrate on securing a strong financial and security base.


Upgrade your skills for professional growth and better career opportunities. You may either get opportunities to work abroad or shall work for foreign clients.  This Saturn transit will be good for one’s growth and change in job. If seeking employment, you will land up with good placement. Some of you may change jobs. Work pressure will increase. Also, you may be held responsible for others’ failures. Remember to be patient and persistent.


Many of you will be able to take your business overseas. Some of you may get an opportunity to settle overseas. You can start a new venture also or a new start-up business. You may also expand the existing one. Wealth will also rise and you will earn a good fortune. You will buy a vehicle, property, or land through your own efforts.


You may find yourself connecting with someone at a surprisingly profound level. This is a good time to get married and settle down. You may not be able to give sufficient time to the family due to your work commitments. This can strain relationships. Do not neglect troubles arising in marital life.


You will get rid of any long illness and your health will remain good. At times, pain in the knees/legs may cause inconvenience. Also, increased stress can lead to health complications such as high blood pressure, insomnia, or anxiety. Stress-relieving activities such as yoga or meditation on a regular basis would be helpful in the long run.


Students will need to put in lots of effort to get success in competition. Sudden travels are indicated.




Luck will finally favour you. You will have greater opportunities to understand the higher meaning and purpose of life. Saturn will make you work very hard. Some sudden changes will occur in your work area. You will be able to express your ideas and emotions more clearly. Yet, at times, your conversations could be misinterpreted.


Your efforts now will build a strong base for your successful future. If you think about changing your job then be ready for it because there will be a good chance of getting new opportunities. Some of you may have to compromise a little bit at the workplace. The possibility of promotion and transfer exists. You may get a job opportunity abroad. Businessmen will successfully meet targets. Time is favourable for the expansion of business.


New opportunities can come your way; some travelling can happen during the Saturn transit period. You will take major financial decisions. Income will increase. You may gain by the sale of an old property. Long-term investments could be beneficial. Avoid taking loans for the next two and a half years.


You will find yourself drawn to partners who can challenge you intellectually and emotionally. Some miscommunication is likely with siblings. Conjugal life will be good; you two may travel abroad for a vacation.


Your health requires care. One of the biggest health concerns this year will be stress-related illnesses. Pain in the knees and legs and digestive issues may trouble you. Also, guard against injuries. You may start a new health regime.


Some of you shall develop an interest in occult subjects like astrology, tarot, etc. Students shall get admission to a course or institute of their choice.


You may travel abroad. Travelling will help to gain new perspectives and form connections with people which may lead to unexpected opportunities. Spiritual tours are also likely.



This Saturn transit to the 8th house will be a little complicated and problematic for you. It will cause some hurdles or delays at your workplace. You will have to take some tough decisions. Nothing will come easy.


Arguments or office politics will take place during this transit time. No doubt, there shall be challenges on the work front. But you will be able to overcome them with grit and effort. This transit can bring an opportunity for a job change. Some of you may have to relocate for work.


Unexpected money gains through gifts or inheritance are possible. Sudden loss or gain is likely in your business. Employees may create some issues. Payments may be delayed. At the same time, you may get some unexpected gains. It would be wise to plough back the profits in the business itself. Do not make new investments during this Saturn transit period. Some of you may acquire a new asset like a vehicle.


This period is not at all favourable for any relationship. Saturn in the 8th house can severely affect family life. Arguments and misunderstandings can disturb your love life. You may have to face some fluctuations in your love life. Avoid arguments with your spouse and in-laws.


Energy levels will be low. Attend to chronic problems immediately. Pregnant women need to take extra care of their health.  Be careful while driving. It is advisable to take a second opinion in case of any surgery. Father’s health will be adversely affected too.


Students will need to put in extra effort to get the desired results. You’ll need time alone or with friends so you can relax and unwind from all of the changes happening around you.


Remember to choose the right path and avoid taking unfair shortcuts. Add a little milk to your bathing water daily.



In this Saturn Transit, you will now witness positive changes and steady growth in your career. Though, you may face some problems in your health and relationship areas. A new job opportunity awaits you. You need to complete all the pending work. The relationship with seniors may not have been good during this transit. Be cautious, you may become a victim for no fault of yours.


This is a good phase for businessmen. Nevertheless, you will have to face strong competition in business.  You may start a new venture. However, keep away from any partnership business in this period. Debts are likely to increase. Stay away from speculative trading.


Your efficiency will help you achieve success. You will grow financially. You may buy some property or a vehicle. Some of you may shift residence.


Do not rush things with your loved ones. Eligible singles who wish to marry should do so before April 2025. Differences will arise in married life Avoid any kind of force or dictatorial attitude which can disturb your conjugal life. Attitude problems can spoil relations. It is time to solve and settle the marital issue if any. Your spouse will support you in your business or work too. The health of parents will need attention.


Do not neglect your health in pursuit of professional success. Preoccupation at work and neglect of health can create problems. Sleep disorders and knee or blood-related problems may affect your health adversely. High blood pressure and diabetic patients need to be extra careful. Lifestyle changes would be necessary for a healthy life.


You may go on a spiritual tour with your family. Students need to be more disciplined in their studies to get the desired results. Keep away from all kinds of addictions. Some of you may apply for higher studies abroad.

Think twice before making any major decisions.


This is a favourable Saturn transit for Virgo. The second half of the year will be more promising for you.


Long pending tasks will be completed. New opportunities, as well as challenges, will arise on the work front. You would be on your toes to achieve your goals. Those seeking to change jobs will secure one. Aspirants may get a wonderful job in MNC or IT industry. Some of you will get an opportunity to go abroad. Businessmen will get overseas customers. Think twice before taking major business decisions or making new investments.


You shall be able to improve your financial position through your extraordinary efforts and determination. Those in the import-export or travel business will see a rise in profits. The financial situation will remain strong. You will benefit from old investments. Also, you may buy a property. Be meticulous regarding documentation.


Avoid unnecessary expenditures; else you may have to face a financial crunch. This is the right time to repay your outstanding debts. However, avoid taking any new loans; you may find it difficult to repay.


Those in love may decide to marry, though there shall be some impediments. Seek the blessings of elders before marrying the person of your choice. Couples should try to settle differences to avoid divorce.


You will regain sound health in the first quarter of the year. But thereafter, health will need due attention. Leg pain or knee-related problems may trouble you. Expenses on medical care will rise. Hospital stay is not ruled out. You may have to change your diet plans and habits to overcome health problems. Drive carefully as there are chances of accidents.


Candidates appearing for competitive exams will have to work really hard to achieve success.


Do not take decisions in a hurry. Keep away from litigation. Donate blankets to the needy.



This Saturn transit will be auspicious for your professional life. Both status and wealth will rise. You will grow career-wise; increased responsibilities will bring in rewards and recognition too. But not all changes will be of your liking. Though, you shall experience relief from the stress and strains of the past. Also, you may have to travel a lot or may get transferred to some other place, even abroad. Businessmen will get new contracts. Time is suitable for the expansion of business.


Finances will be good; though you may face some delay in getting pending payments. Take due precautions while making new investments. Avoid speculations and big investments. Unexpected gains are very much likely. Beware, someone close will try to cheat you. Do not trust anyone blindly in financial matters.


Though time is a bit tough for those in love, you will enjoy the company of your beloved. You are likely to get a life partner of your choice. This is also a good time to propose marriage. Relationships will pass through a rough patch for some time. Some problems may crop up in married life. Family issues will disturb mental peace. The birth of a child will bring happiness. Stay calm and take care to avoid arguments.


Give due attention to your health. You may face liver or digestion-related problems. Back pain, nerve pain in the legs and frequent colds and coughs may cause inconvenience. However, you will recover easily. Weight gain is also likely. Alternative therapies like meditation will help tide over mental stress.


Students may lose concentration in their studies. They need to stay focused on their goals. This is a good phase to learn new skills and sharpen your talents.


You may take some important decisions to settle down well in life around the mid of the year.



This phase will prove to be very hectic for Scorpio. Since you shall be undergoing Shani Dhaiyya, it will affect your mental peace. Though, the first four months of the year will give you good fortune. It is time to look at your life goals from a fresh perspective. You are likely to experience transformations in your lifestyle and changes in your thought process in this Saturn transit.


Work pressure will increase. There will be unexpected delays in completing your tasks. Differences with superiors or colleagues are also likely. You may lose your job if you are not careful. A good strategy and timely execution of plans can save you from many hassles.


The money flow will be good. Wrong investments can lead to loss of money. This is not a good time to take loans. Be cautious while purchasing an asset or vehicle. Relocation and shifting of residence are very likely.


You may have to move away from your home and family due to some reason. Unwanted arguments and fights may disturb family life. You are likely to neglect relationships due to work pressure. Things will improve in the second half of the year. You shall be able to resolve the ongoing issues with some effort. Mother’s health will need attention.


You may face some health issues in the lower part of the body below the abdomen. Skin ailments, chest infections, hair fall, pain in the spine, dental issues and joint pains may trouble you. Those suffering from chronic illnesses will be able to recover soon with a timely intake of medicines coupled with nutritious, healthy food. But above all, you will have to stay away from mental stress and anxiety.


Students shall be successful at competitive examinations. This phase will be good for students opting for higher studies or research work.



So, finally, your Sade Sati is over! This Saturn transit will prove to be a new beginning in your life. It is the right time to initiate long-term plans and set your goals. You can now try out new things like a career in a different field or starting a new business.


The new phase will bring in lots of work responsibilities which will require concentrated efforts. New ideas and focused energies will catapult you in your career. You will find a new dynamism and determination to put in your best efforts and achieve your goals.


You will be able to consolidate your position at your workplace. Those planning to change jobs will acquire better opportunities. People involved in the fields of teaching, finance, law, tourism and food-related business will do very well in their careers. 


You will grow financially. Income will rise and financial status will improve. A sudden gain of wealth is likely. However, older investments may backfire. It is not a good time for speculative trading. You may buy and move into a new home.


Romantic relationships will be endearing. However, those intending to get married may have to face some hurdles. Also, be careful with your speech. Good communication skills will result in fulfilling relationships. Do spend some quality time with your family members to understand their needs and wishes. The birth of a child will bring happiness to your family.


Health will remain good. Even serious health problems will now get cured with medication. Physical vitality and mental agility will be at their best. Anxiety and tension will end and you will regain your energy and confidence.


Short-distance travel will be fruitful. Students shall get opportunities to study abroad or in an institute of their choice. Some of you will show a keen interest in learning occult subjects and alternative healing.




The third and last phase of your Sade Sati starts. You shall get some relief from the difficulties you faced in the past two and a half years. Work pressure will reduce but expenses will increase. Be mindful of your speech.


Ketu in the 10th house will disturb your professional life. There will be an increase in workload. After October, things will start stabilizing. You will rise in your career and achieve a good position. You may get an opportunity to go abroad or to a place of your choice. The business will improve. Do not trust anyone blindly.


Riches & new sources of financial gains shall be the new focus in life. Monetary status shall become stable. Wealth will growly slowly but steadily. You need to keep a close watch on your funds, Expenses too will increase. You may have sudden gains from unexpected sources or through inheritance. Investments made now will prove beneficial in the future. Be vigilant and meticulous with documentation while purchasing any asset. There can be disputes relating to property matters in the family.


Bonds with family members will improve and strengthen. You will be able to spend quality time with your spouse. Those in love may have to face a bitter experience in their relationship. If waiting to get married, you may find your ideal life partner. The health of some elderly relatives may be a cause for concern. Your near and dear ones may misunderstand you.


You will see an improvement in your health. Though, at times, ear, nose, and throat ailments, and pain in the neck, joints and spine, dental problems may trouble you. The right medication and proper diet will help to keep chronic diseases under control. Be careful when on the road.


Students will have a tough time. Distractions and lack of focus can result in low scores on exams.




You have entered the second phase of Sade Sati with this Saturn transit. You may have to face depression or dilemmas at times. Do not let anxiety and overthinking will drain your energies. Patience and proper planning will help solve many things. Do seek advice when taking important decisions. It is time to prioritize your health and well-being.


You will make a comeback after a challenging period. You will find a new purpose in life. Your reputation and wealth will rise. You will now approach things in a more mature manner. Some of you may relocate to a foreign land for job opportunities. Do conduct a background check of the company before joining.


Employees will get new responsibilities at work. This will prove to be an opportunity to grow and take on larger roles in the future. At the same time, professional challenges and skirmishes with people in authority are likely. You will have to tackle an unexpected transfer or increase in workload.


There will be growth in career and expansion of business, though at a slow pace. You shall succeed in overseas ventures. Be careful while taking financial decisions. Any investment must be done only after due diligence. You may purchase a property or a vehicle.


Singles can get marriage proposals. But it would be wise to wait for some time before finalizing anything. You will not be able to give enough time to your spouse due to a busy work schedule. This can create a rift between you two. Relations with siblings & spouses would be difficult. Family and friends may not appreciate your sudden decisions or forthright ideas. 


Health will be better than before. Though, minor issues like headaches, nerve-related ailments, dental problems, skin rashes and mouth ulcers may flare up suddenly.


Overseas travel is on the cards. The desirous may go abroad for higher studies.



Your Sade Sati begins. Be more cautious now and follow the right and ethical path. Things may not go as you wish. A positive attitude will help you overcome difficult situations easily. You may lean towards spirituality to find the true purpose of your life.


Progress in your professional life will be slow. On the work front, increased workload, differences with seniors, conspiracies and delays in the completion of work will strain and exhaust you. But you will be able to overcome it all by sheer determination. Be alert regards new possibilities & opportunities. Concentrate on ongoing projects. Some of you may find lucrative employment abroad. In business, do not trust anyone blindly.


The financial situation can get serious. However, gains from abroad will rise. Those working in multinational companies or abroad shall also benefit. Expenses will skyrocket. Avoid unnecessary spending or undertaking new risks. This is not the best time to invest in a business.


Family members may not be very supportive of you. Singles will find a suitable alliance. They should think twice before taking the final decision about marriage. Conjugal life will be dull. You will need to be more compromising in your married life. Your relationship with your father will be strained.


Take extra care of your health for the next two and a half years. You may face issues related to insomnia, pain in the lower part of the body, and some injury or sprain in the leg or feet. Also, beware of eye-related problems. Lethargy will increase. Regular exercise and natural healing methods like meditation and yoga will prove helpful. Maintain an active and healthy lifestyle to avoid hospitalization.


Keep away from litigation. Students shall get a chance to go abroad for higher studies. Those appearing for competitive exams shall succeed after putting in greater effort. Doing charity will be helpful.


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