Ganesha Chaturthi Celebrations
Ganapati, the beloved elephant-headed deity, brings joy and blessings to countless devotees across India. In this blog, we will explore the unique ways you can celebrate Ganapati according to your zodiac signs, incorporating specific colors, mantras, and customs. Whether you're an astrology enthusiast or simply seeking a deeper spiritual connection, join us on a journey through the celestial realms to celebrate Ganapati like never before.


Date: Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Madhyahna Ganesha Puja Muhurat: 11:19 AM to 01:43 PM

Chaturthi Tithi Begins: 12:39 PM on Sep 18, 2023

Chaturthi Tithi Ends: 01:43 PM on Sep 19, 2023


Ganesha Visarjan: Friday, September 9, 2022


Ganapati Bappa is ready to visit your homes. This year, gain additional auspiciousness by celebrating and decorating your homes/offices according to your astrological signs (rashis). Ganesha idols come in many colours and are decorated with various offerings. Given ahead are the recommended colours of the Ganesha idol and decoration, offerings and donations to be made, and mantras to be recited (at least 108 times daily).




Red ganesha



  • Idol:                       Vermilion red, Yellow or a combination of both.
  • Decorations:      Red, orange, yellow. Red and gold jewellery.
  • Offerings:        11 Durva grass moistened with turmeric water. Offer nose rings as gifts to female family members.
  • Donate:                Dates, jaggery, money, green moong dal.
  • Mantra:               “GAM” or “Aum Vakratundaaye Namaha

Pink Ganesha


  • Idol:                 Silver White, Pink
  • Decorations:  White flowers, silk clothes with zari works.
  • Offerings:        9 Durva grass, Green clothes, Coconut Laddoos, silver ornaments.
  • Donate             Ghee, Candy sugar (Mishri),
  • Mantra:           “GLUM” or “Aum Ekdantaaye Namah”.

  • Idol:                   Green, Blue, Light Yellow
  • Decorations:    Garlands made of Green Durva grass, and green drapes.
  • Offerings:        11 Cowries (कौड़ी), Betel (पान), Betelnut (सुपारी), Cloves (लौंग), green clothes & fruits.
  • Donate:           Laddoos made of black gram (उड़द दाल), green
  • Mantra:           “Aum Krishna Pingaakshaaye Namah”.


White Ganesha


  • Idol:                  White, Cream
  • Decorations:   Pearls, White flowers.
  • Offerings:       Shwetark, Panchamrit, Modak, White Sandalwood
  • Donate:           Kheer to poor young girls.
  • Mantra:           “Aum Gajavakraaye Namah”.



  • Idol:                   Red Ochre (गेरू लाल), Orange, Royal Purple
  • Decorations:   108 Durva grass with Kumkum/Sindoor, Red flowers
  • Offerings:        Modak made of Jaggery, red-coloured fruits
  • Donate:             Black lentils (उड़द दाल), mustard oil.
  • Mantra:           “Aum Lambodaraaye Namah”.




Virgo Ganesha


  • Idol:                     Green, Blue, White
  • Decorations:     108 grains of green gram (मूंग दाल), 21 Durva grass
  • Offerings:          Green coloured fruits, Moong dal laddoos.
  • Donate:               Jaggery, Raisins (किशमिश)
  • Mantra:             “Aum Vikataaye Namah”.

Blue Ganpati 

  • Idol:                     Silver White, Light Blue
  • Decorations:    125 gms Durva grass, 1250 gms Besan Laddoos, Sugar Candy (मिश्री)
  • Offerings:         Bathe idol with Ganga jal; offer 5 coconuts
  • Donate:              Laddoos, Bananas
  • Mantra:            “Aum Vighnaraajaaye Namah”.

Red Ganapati


  • Idol:                     White, Red, Yellow, Orange
  • Decorations:     108 grains of unbroken rice smeared with kumkum.
  • Offerings:          Sindoor, red flowers.
  • Donate:              Green grass fodder for cow/goat, laddoos made of jaggery and dates.
  • Mantra:             “Aum Dhūmra Varṇaaye Namah”.


  • Idol:                     Orange, Dark Yellow
  • Decorations:    108 Durva grass, 5 knots of turmeric (हल्दी की गाँठ)
  • Offerings:         Yellow clothes and flowers, modak, bananas.
  • Donate:              Bundi laddoos
  • Mantra:             “Aum Bhaala Chandraaye Namah”.



  • Idol:                     Blue, Brown, Purple
  • Decorations:    Durva grass, Black Til, Scented flowers
  • Offerings:         Betel leaf (पान), Betelnut (सुपारी), Cloves (लौंग),Cardamom (इलायची)
  • Donate:              Modak, Jaggery, Raisins (किशमिश)
  • Mantra:            “Aum Vinaayakaaye Namah”.


Multi color Ganesha


  • Idol:                     Sky Blue, Purple, Bright colours
  • Decorations:    White and Lavender flowers, Tilak of Sindoor and Turmeric
  • Offerings:          Panchamrit, Jaggery Laddoos
  • Donate:               Khichdi, Bananas
  • Mantra:            “Aum Gajapataaye Namah”.

Yellow Ganesha


  • Idol:                       Yellow, Orange, Pink
  •  Decorations:     Make garlands of Yellow flowers and Durva grass using yellow coloured thread.
  • Offerings:           Turmeric Root (हल्दी की जड़), Saffron (केसर), Besan laddoos
  • Donate:                Sweet juicy fruits, Kheer
  • Mantra:               “Aum Gajaanan naaye Namah”.




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