Diwali Remedies

DIWALI has special significance for doing and initiating astrological remedies. Let’s understand why?


Laxmi & Ganesha



Diwali falls on Amavasya – Sun and Moon – the two luminaries and important astrological planets that come together this day are placed in Tula (Libra) Rashi and Swati Nakshatra. The evil spirits and negative energies are said to be strongest on Amavasya or No Moon day. Hence stronger remedies or upaay which are done on this day are effective in warding off such strong negativity from one’s life.


Libra sign is a sign of balance and righteousness, of trade and business, of peace and harmony. Swati Nakshatra represents freedom, self-confidence and learning. Above all, it represents Goddess Saraswati – all forms of arts, communication, knowledge, etc. Swati is an auspicious Nakshatra. It helps one to accomplish the most difficult tasks and to move ahead overcoming obstacles.

Saraswati Devi



The following remedies can be done/initiated on Diwali for maximum results:


  1.    Tie a toran made of Asoka leaves and marigold (गेंदा) flowers at the entrance. This helps remove negativity in your house or commercial space.

Diwali Toran



  1.    In case you are facing severe problems in your life, do this remedy. On Diwali night, light a lamp (दीपक) under a peepal tree after sunset. After lighting the lamp, walk back home without looking back and without uttering a word. This is a very good remedy especially for those under Sade Sati or those having Shani Dosha.




  1.    This, in essence, is a very effective remedy for those facing financial problems. Take three gomati chakra, three yellow cowries and three turmeric knots (हल्दी की गांठ). Tie them in a yellow cloth. Place this at pooja place on Diwali night and thereafter keep it in your locker or cash box.


Gomti Chakra

     4.    This remedy is for those who are suffering from some speech disorders such as stammering. Take 11 cowries and burn them to ash on Diwali. Immerse this ash in flowing water. Continue for 5 consecutive Wednesdays.

  1.    Don’t forget to light a diya in the South West corner of your house. Moreover, this is an important Vastu tip.


  1.    This is a valuable remedy for those who fail to get a good job even after repeated attempts. On Diwali, early morning (before sunrise) go to a crossroad (चौराहा) – where four roads meet with a lemon and a knife. Once you reach there, cut the lemon into four pieces; throw a piece in each direction; all the time mentally repeating your wish for a good job. After this, return without looking back even once. You can continue this for 7 consecutive days for the best results.


  1.    If your business is not doing well or you are not getting a good flow of customers, try this remedy. Establish Indrani yantra at your pooja or workplace on Diwali night. Surely, you shall see quick results.



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  1.    Those who are having Chandra Grahan yoga or Angaarak yoga in their horoscopes should not venture out of the house on Diwali night.

  1.    On Diwali night, take the root of the banyan tree (बरगद की जड़) and a silk thread. Colour the thread with red sandalwood paste. Thereafter, tie the banyan root with the coloured silk thread at the main door of your residence or commercial premises after Laxmi puja.

  1.     This remedy is for those eligible males and females who want to get married. Then place 11 marigold flowers on the altar which doing pooja on Diwali night. Worship it with saffron (केसर)/turmeric (हल्दी) and place a ghee lamp in front of them (not too close) the whole night. Thereafter, in the morning, grind the flowers with Gangajal and saffron or turmeric. Apply this paste to your hands. Continue applying for 2-3 days or till the paste lasts.



  1.    On Diwali night, burn camphor and clove in a silver or earthen vessel at the pooja place without fail. This will help to ward off any kind of problems relating to spirits, bad omens and all types of Vastu Dosha. Moreover, this remedy is a must especially when anyone in the house has pitra dosha.





2 Responses

  1. Namaste jee
    I am devi from Mauritius please can you tell me some tips to do on behalf of my children who are facing problems have pitru manglik kaal doshes and in moola nakshatra i have been able to do their shantis but still they r facing health, job, financial, relationship and conception problems.

    1. Hullo Mam,
      As much as I would love to help you, pls understand that if your children are facing problems due to pitra dosha and/or Manglik dosha, then it is they who should do the remedies, not you. The remedies also depend upon the planet/s due to which the pitra dosha is formed in their horoscope. You can tell your children to donate food items every Purnima and Amavasya. Things made of jaggery and wheat can be donated on Purnima while rice, milk can be donated on Amavasya.

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