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Vaastu Shastra evolved during the Vedic period in India. It is a part of the Atharva Veda. Vaastu Shastra is a science as well as an art.  It endeavours to harness the energies of the Panch Tatwas viz the five essential elements of nature which are applied in architecture and home designing. The basic purpose and principle of Vaastu Shastra are to help human beings live healthy, prosperous and balanced life.


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Vaastu is one of the important limbs of Vedic Astrology. Just as Astrology considers nine planets; so also there are nine directions in Vaastu. Each planet is assigned a particular direction. If you visit a Hindu temple, you will notice that idols of the navagrahas ie. the 9 planets are placed facing the directions that they rule.


The nine directions considered in Vaastu are East, West, North, South, North-East, North-West, South-East, South-West and the Central part also known as Brahma Sthala. Each direction has a specific significance. Every direction is ruled by a specific diety and is dominated by a particular tatwa or element. It is only when the five elements are in perfect harmony that life moves in a balanced and harmonious manner.


SUN RULES THE EAST (पूर्व दिशा). The Sun is the giver of life and health. Hence it is important that sun rays should enter abundantly in the Eastern direction of a house.

  • East is the direction of prosperity and success. Hence it is advisable to sit and pray in the east direction.
  • The altar for prayers/pooja should be along the East wall.
  • The East corner is ideal for having the main door of the house. One can also have balconies in this area.
  • Maximum number of windows should be provided on the Easterm direction. It is preferable to have large doors and windows in the East corner of the house.
  • The East corner of the house should be lower than the South and the West corners.
  • Children who study in the room situated in the Eastern side of the house are able to grasp things better and remember the lessons learnt for a longer period of time.
  • One should always keep the Eastern corner very clean. Accumulation of dirt or clutter in the East corner may result in problems in begetting a progeny or some problems related to children.
  • It is not advisable to construct toilets on the eastern side of the house. However, you can have a bathroom here.
  • Mirrors put up in this direction double up the amount of prosperity one gets.
  • Keeping green colored things or having a small garden in the Eastern direction of the house enhances Luck.
  • The Eastern direction is also related to the Wood element. Hence, having some wooden furniture here would increase the vibrant energy of this direction.
  • Do not place dust bins in the east direction.

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